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2020 wrap: How forever busy TV stars busted a year of no action

For the TV stars, the year that was one that augured withdrawal symptoms of sorts. An industry that is used to working up to...

Actor Rajesh Kumar opens up on his organic farming spell

Actor Rajesh Kumar has opened up about the challenges he faced when he started his organic farming project this year in Mumbai. "My memories of...

Bigg Boss 14: Rajesh Kumar wishes for ‘kam gandagi’ this year

Bigg Boss is back and we can’t keep calm! Actor Rajesh Kumar hopes that the show has less abuses and more entertainment this year.

Rajesh Kumar on shooting in Covid-19 era

Actor Rajesh Kumar is currently shooting for the series, Excuse Me Madam, and he says the work area on the set has been divided...

Janmashtami Special: TV actors share the teachings of Lord Krishna

TV actors share their teachings of Lord Krishna on this Janmashtami. Check out their thoughts on this special day.

World Population day: TV actors urge couples to adopt

This World Population Day, telly actors share their views population control and adoption. World population is a good day to highlight and remind that population needs to be controlled. In big cities both men and women have careers so hum do humare do concept is out dated. Check out here

RIP Twinkle Sharma, punish the accused, urge TV actors

In a gut-wrenching incident, a two-and-a-half-year-old girl from Aligarh was strangled to death. Here is what TV actors have to say about it.

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