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Dimple Kapadia is ‘shining bright’ on her 62nd b’day

Actress Dimple Kapadia turned 62 on Saturday. Daughter Twinkle Khanna who is also an author-producer, took to social media where she posted a "goofy" video of her mother.

How Dimple Kapadia landed a Christopher Nolan film

Here's a casting coup of sorts that has got everyone surprised veteran Indian actress Dimple Kapadia in a Christopher Nolan film. While the National Award-winning actress, who has been a part of showbiz since 1973.

Where have the Secretaries gone?

When was the last time one saw a Secretary, as a necessary accompaniment of one of the chief characters in a film. Not in the recent memory, as with the entry of personal computation devices, role of secretaries has been taken over by the PCs, Laptops, organizers etc. But wait, it suddenly made its debut in one of the advertisements of the IDBI Bank where a Banker when he is renouncing the world, finds that even his secretary is not happy at this development. Indeed, the element of office romance that used to proliferate between the secretary and the boss was one of the best guard secrets, but now with secretaries moving away the romance between colleagues, who hold the same position, is a talk of the town as the element of secrecy which was the hallmark of relationship between her and the boss has become a discounted commodity. It goes without saying that it was Ajit the villain of yesteryears who had added an element of halo around the institution of Secretary and till he was alive the oomph and glamour in cinema was majorly provided by the Secretaries.


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