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Ronnie Screwvala’s Natkhat featuring Vidya Balan in the Oscar 2021 Race

Natkhat qualified for Oscar® 2021 Consideration and is now in the race for the Academy Award for Best Short Film (Live Action) Produced by Ronnie...

Child artistes of 'Natkhat' were untrained non-actors: writer Annukampa Harsh

The child artistes in the short film "Natkhat", which sheds light on the various issues surrounding gender inequality, are all untrained non-actors.

'Natkhat' director on objective of his Vidya Balan-starrer short film

Director Shaan Vyas has opened up about the objective behind his short film "Natkhat", which revolves around the concept of gender inequality and patriarchy.

It's not entirely right: 'Natkhat' director on blaming films for misogyny

Director Shaan Vyas, whose short film Natkhat revolves around the concept of gender inequality and patriarchy, says its not entirely right to blame only movies

To write films on gender equality, we needed female gaze: 'Natkhat' director

"Natkhat" director Shaan Vyas says the first draft of the movie was written by him as a man trying to tell a story about masculinity

Vidya Balan-starrer short film 'Natkhat' addresses toxic masculinity

The short film "Natkhat", starring and co-produced by Vidya Balan, depicts how toxic masculinity and patriarchy are instilled in kids

Vidya Balan turns producer with NATKHAT

Vidya Balan & Ronnie Screwvala have come together for a socially relevant short film – NATKHAT, a film that addresses many issues and gives out a powerful message too.

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