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Filmmaker Vishal Bhardwaj lends his voice for Amole Gupte’s SNIFF!!!

Diving into an explored genre, Eros International’s Trinity Pictures, is all set to release SNIFF!!!, a kids’ adventure film, about an eight-year-old Sikh boy, who acquires a heightened sense of smell and turns a spy...

Amole Gupte makes singing debut in SNIFF

Amole Gupte, the man behind acclaimed children-centric films like TAARE ZAMEEN PAR (2007), STANLEY KA DABBA (2011) and HAWAA HAWAAI (2014) is now ready with his next, SNIFF...

Children films a big achievement for 2011

If one were to talk about the major achievements for the year 2011, which surprisingly enough, has not been talked about at all in the mainstream media is the manner in which films on children and films about children were made in the year 2011. It indeed was a very monumental year for the films made with children in mind, and the year end demands that a compilation of such films be made. Among the films on children which made waves are:

Bollywood box-office report of the week : 2 june 2011

This week's report commences with a formality- READY is all set to embark on an earth shaking start, the best of this year! And that has been obvious from a long time. The advance at the single screens is mind blowing.

STANLEY KA DABBA: A treat for children in the summer vacations

While STANLEY KA DABBA is being marketed as a film made for children and trying to address their problems in the physical space aka school, where they spent large part of their time, indeed it is a film that points pointed fingers at the parents as also the system which does not bother about at all how the children are growing in the school. Indeed, there is a miniscule minority which does exist in a sanitized atmosphere oblivious of the reality that pans around them in the country on a daily basis, STANLEY KA DABBA is a reality check for such scenario and this is what makes it hit, as majority of the parents have to endear and endure the dilemma as presented for their children in daily life, and underlined in succinct detail in STANLEY KA DABBA.

STANLEY KA DABBA: Return to innocence

Amol Gupte has proved that his TAARE ZAMEEN PAR was no fluke in the pan as his next venture as a director, STANLEY KA DABBA has underlined in a rather vivid and kaleidoscopic manner what childhood is all about, and what the present generation of the children, in their quest to become something in life is missing out upon. STANLEY KA DABBA is a proletarian projection of the school for majority of the people of the country, schools which do not have air-conditioned classes, schools where children do not reach spick and span and are proper, but is a school which in the real sense of terms what it used to be. 

Bollywood box-office report of the week : 12 may 2011

Bollywood box-office report of the week

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