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Esha Deol shares first look of short movie CAKEWALK

Bollywood actress Esha Deol on Sunday unveiled the first look of her upcoming short film CAKEWALK.


Sons of politicians warming up to be a part of cinematic fraternity

When Rahul Gandhi agreed to view Chirag Paswan's MILEY NA MILEY HUM in Delhi, it was a sort of endorsement of the fact that indeed those who belong to the political fraternity can pursue alternate career in the world of Hindi cinema. For Chirag Paswan to be able to make it to the world of Hindi cinema, may be on account of the political power that he draws from his lineage, is a first step forward in the world of Hindi cinema as it is for the first time in all probability that an individual who belongs to the class of those who live at the fringe of society has shattered the glass ceiling of Hindi cinema and has given a new sense of pride an identity to the community.

Does Diwali magic work for releasing a film?

Diwali is considered the festival of 'Laxmi' and there is an accepted notion around the country side that if any new venture is undertaken on the eve of Diwali, it indeed is going to please goddess Laxmi and she would shower her benevolence and the home would be inundated with truck loads of money. Film industry being the place that worships money and strives to maximize the revenue from a product in one form or the other also tries to do associated stunts around Diwali to please goddess Laxmi. 

Bollywood box-office report of the week : 25 october 2011

Bollywood box-office report of the week

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