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5 Reasons we love to watch Nishant Singh Malkhani in Bigg Boss 14

Bigg Boss 14, here are 5 reasons why you would love to see Nishant Singh Malkhani in BB14

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Actor Nishant Singh Malkhani, the uber-popular star, who already enjoys a massive following, is seen as a contestant in the 14th season of reality show “Bigg Boss”.
While his presence in itself is a big reason for his fans to watch Bigg Boss 14, here are 5 reasons why you would love to see Nishant Singh Malkhani in BB14!

His off-camera avatar: His fans love him for the characters he has played. Nishan’t ability to portray a character skillfully is well known but how is he off the camera, is something not many know about. In Bigg Boss 14, fans will be able to see their favourite actor as who he is! No make up, no costume and no acting!

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His baritone voice Every.Single.Day! While Nishant’s cuteness makes fans skip their heartbeat, his heavy baritone has a completely separate fan base. Now, imagine being able to hear him without rehearsed dialogues. Him talking, laughing, and if fans get lucky, maybe singing in a carefree manner! If that is not worth watching, then we don’t know what is!

His personal fashion sense! Nishant is known for having an impeccable fashion sense. He can pull off any costume, attire, be is casual or not, with style and ease. With Bigg Boss 14, fans will be able to see how Nishant, as a person dresses up. His personal style statement is something his fans would love to notice and follow!

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His stance on issues: Nishant is known to be an opinionated personality. Besides acting, he is known to have a say on various social issues and keeps himself updated with everything. It would be interesting to see him take stance on various issues and shoot down controversies with his strong communication skills.

Cooking! What can be better than watching a talented, good looking man try his hands at cooking? We bet his female fans would agree. Everyone in the house is given household chores in rotation. It would be a delight to watch Nishant try his hands at cooking and show his culinary skills!

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