Pallavi Pradhan: After OTT boom the audience expects better content

Pallavi Pradhan, who is currently seen as Saroj Chaudhary in Rajan Shahi’s ‘Woh Toh Hai Albelaa’, feels that a story and the characters need to build a connection with the audience.

Stressing over the OTT boom, she said that it has influenced the content on TV and it is a good sign.

“Relatability is very important as far as any show is concerned. There are some shows which are just lucky, they will have a good writer, a good director, a good creative. Many times there are shows which are pulled down are good but are not able to grab eyeballs, at the same time, there are shows which do not have a good story and they still manage to get good viewership. It all depends on the audience’s choice because it keeps changing. Especially after the OTT boom people expect better content so it’s now up to us how we are going to present something that makes them think that TV is changing,” she said.

“Things like proper attire, a particular dialect, they make the character look real. It’s really important to maintain the culture, the language, the traditions of the place where the show is based. Like our show is based in Agra and in our dialogues, we say ‘hum’ and not ‘main’. But we can’t go deeper into that regional zone, because our target audience is bigger. At the end of the day, it’s important that the characters and the show touches the audience’s hearts, the character should be relatable and should be able to connect,” she added.

‘Woh Toh Hai Albelaa’ went on-air March 14 and Pallavi confessed that an actor goes on a new journey with every new show take on.

She said, “You get into the skin of an imaginary person, and you put your heart and soul into it. If you continue living the old character you will not be able to move on ever, so with every show it should be a clean slate.”

But she feels that whether to take a break after every show is an actor’s personal choice.

“It all depends on actor to actor, like need for work, responsibilities, being a workaholic, or being someone who wants to be occupied all the time, or you have another hobby or business. But as an actor, I feel one should take a break if one was a part of a popular show or their character has been appreciated by the audience. So when you take a break the audience moves on from the image of the previous character and are ready to accept the new character,” she said.

“But having said that, I feel in today’s time there is a need to be visible constantly. So be it social media or taking up projects, one should maintain their visibility. It’s completely a personal choice,” Pallavi concluded.