Anand Selvam took up 'Ninaithalae Inikkum' to do something unique

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By Yashika Mathur

Chennai, Aug 20 (IANS) Tamil actor Anand Selvam will soon be seen playing the role of a business tycoon on the show ‘Ninaithalae Inikkum’. The actor reveals that he took up the role of Siddharth because he was looking for a role which would help him offer something different to the audience.

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“In the past, the roles I’ve played have mostly been similar, there was nothing unique about the characters. But Siddharth is different as he is very stubborn in nature yet has a lot of affection towards his family members deep down in his heart which he never expresses directly. On the other hand Bommi’s (played by Swathi) character is the total opposite and that is what I loved about the show. The contrasting characters would definitely level up the drama and curiosity among the audience,” Anand tells IANS.

The actor highlights that the show can have a positive impact on the audience.

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“‘Ninaithalae Inikkum’ has a lot of positive aspects to focus on in addition to it being a family show that involves all members. This is what makes this show different as other shows showcase a problem or focus mostly on the central characters,” he says.

While the actor expresses a lot of gratitude for playing this character, Anand reveals that he faces quite a few challenges to overcome.

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“In the beginning it was really difficult to adapt to the role as Siddharth is very head-strong and stubborn. He has a different tone, and reacts differently in comparison to his family members. His constant stubbornness and attitude was initially a big challenge, but I have understood it now,” he says.

“Ninaithalae Inikkum” will go on air from August 23 on Zee Tamil.



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