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How Nishant Singh Malkhani’s designer Retesh Narain got him BB 14 ready!

If you have been loving actor Nishant Singh Malkhani’s causal yet extremely stylish look in Bigg Boss 14

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If you have been loving actor Nishant Singh Malkhani’s causal yet extremely stylish look in Bigg Boss 14, then we have a treat for you. In a tête-à-tête, his stylist Retesh Narain gives us all the dope on the thought process behind styling him for the show.

“My thought process to style Nishant for Bigg Boss was that I thought he should just loosen up in his personal style. He’s very well dressed most of the time in his real life. So, I wanted him to take a chill pill, in the sense, like wear a lot of ganjis and T-shirts and shorts, which he normally would not do, when he’s in public.

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My aim was to make him slowly and gradually very dressy in all his weekend Ka Vaars. He has a strong personality and so I think he can just carry of whatever he wears. You don’t have to put in too much effort to dress him up, because whatever you make him wear, everything looks good on him,” says Retesh, who has been working in the industry for the past 20 years. In fact, he was one of the first stylists in the industry.

“There were only designers when I entered the business. I came in very young. I had just passed out of school when I got into the industry. And from there, I started acting and then I knew a lot of production houses so I started as a stylist.

I didn’t know what stylist did back then. One of my first work was as an actor in a tv show called Phir Bhi.  My first job was styling for the music video Haye Re Haye Tera Ghungta… And my career took off and after that. I got diverted into fashion choreography and I started my own event company.

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I’ve been doing shows worldwide and was with Vijay Mallaya for four years. Now I’m into producing music videos, and I’m working on my own couple of films and web series,” says Retesh. He was also associated with the fashion sequences in the film Dostana.

Coming back to Nishant, Retesh association with the actor goes way back. “Nishant and I have been associated for the last three years. I exactly know what Nishant looks good at and his styling feels very natural to me,” he says, adding, “Nishant, I feel, is one of the most good looking men in the industry. His personality is really strong and he looks like an alpha and this is what I like about him. He makes an impact wherever he goes.”

His style in the Bigg Boss house is divided into three major types of looks. “He in his entire day has three different looks. His nightwear, casual and his gym look, which are very different from each other. As the show proceeds, you will see how stylish he is,” he says, adding, “It’s very important to look very good and sexy in the Bigg Boss house because the whole nation is watching you. So, he has to look really nice. Nishant, as it is a very good-looking man, so I don’t think he has to put in too much of efforts to look good. He blessed with god-gifted looks and personality.”

The stylist is confident that Nishant will do well in the show. “I think, Nishant is going to be in the top list at Bigg Boss. I know Nishant personally also and I know that he takes time to open up. But once he opens, he’s full of entertainment. There are a lot of good things about him. His personality is very generous and he’s very courteous towards women. I want to see when he’s tortured by them in the show, how does he react!” he says.

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