Thursday, October 21, 2021

How Bijal Joshi connects with Gujarati in Ladies special?

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Every actor inherently depicts a different shade of his origins while enacting a role. The same has been proven right by talented actress Bijal Joshi in her upcoming show ‘Ladies Special’ on Sony Entertainment Television. Bijal hails from Gujarat and is incidentally also essaying the role of a Gujarati lady – Bindu Desai. Her Gujarati mannerisms have given the character a unique shade that television audiences will be able to relate to.

Bijal is excited to portray the role of Bindu Desai in Ladies Special. Her distinct Gujarati behaviour and chirpiness adds to her character’s vibrant bearing. Bindu is an ideal wife who believes in staying positive while facing any adversities as she strongly believes that positivity is the key to happiness. No matter the troubles that come her way, she meets them with a smile on her face.

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When contacted Bijal Joshi said, “It feels wonderful to be a part of a show like Ladies Special which focusses on women and their lives. The show has a completely different perspective which highlights how women meet problems head on and find solutions for them without faltering. The show celebrates the bond of friendship and my character is a Gujarati which is even more exciting. Being a Gujju, I took to the role effortlessly. It’s been an amazing experience to shoot for the role of Bindu Desai and I am sure that audiences will love her.”

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