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Watch Honey-Bunny rescue a panda followed by a fascinating workshop in Episode 5 of YAY! Dekho

Making friday’s all the more fun and exciting for your kid, Sony YAY! is back with another masti-bhara episode of YAY! Dekho

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Making friday’s all the more fun and exciting for your kid, Sony YAY! is back with another masti-bhara episode of YAY! Dekho.

It’s time to put a tick mark on your ‘what to do’ list, as the popular prankster cat duo of Honey-Bunny are here to amuse your kid with their hilarious antics. While the fun treasure hunt last week left them in splits, it’s time they catch the hilarious duo come to the rescue of a cute and adorable Panda in the exclusive movie preview of — HONEY BUNNY SAVE THE PANDA live only on YAY! Dekho.

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We weren’t going to end it with just a movie now were we. When we say the fun never stops, rest assured that we abide to it whole heartedly. What we’ve got for your kid is a fun-filled engaging activity.

We bring to you an exciting arts and craft interactive DIY workshop, hosted by Edwina Lobo, owner of The Springboard and Co-founder & Team Psychologist. In what’s set to prominently bring out your child’s creativity, the thematised workshop also features a contest that gives them the chance to win exclusive prizes! 

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So get ready to see your kids revel in yet another exciting afternoon with Sony YAY!

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