How Chitrashi Rawat interacted with frontline workers on comedy show

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Actress Chitrashi Rawat, who is a part of the new television programme titled “Zee Comedy Show” shares her experiences of interacting with frontline workers like police, doctors and nurses on the sets of the show.

“We had an opportunity to perform in front of the police, doctors and nurses on our show. They interacted with us and shared their story, how stressful it has been for our frontline workers. When they said that they enjoyed being a part of this show, it felt so good! These people work so hard to keep us safe,” Chitrashi told IANS.

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Like everyone else, Chitrashi has been mostly keeping at home during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. Quizzed how she spent the time while in lockdown, the actress replied: “I am an avid traveller. Whenever I get some time, I am out of Mumbai and explore places. But I also adapt very quickly. So understanding the situation, I decided that I will utilise the time by reading a lot, I learnt a new art and watched a lot of stuff. So I managed it well, kept my sanity intact and tried to stay positive.”

The actress also expressed that she is happy and excited to be back to shooting after quite some time!

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“After 1-1.5 years of so much of stress, to get associated with Zee Comedy Show is a great opportunity to cheer myself up. I’m really excited to be back on set, back on the shoot, doing something that I personally enjoy a lot,” she shared.

What new can viewers expect from Chitrashi on the show?

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“A lot of madness is what people can expect from our show. Luckily, I will be performing in skits where I get to play different characters. Am trying my best to make it enjoyable to the viewers. Also in this show, one gets to challenge their physical ability. Sometimes you are performing on 90 degrees, sometimes you are performing on a slope, people falling from one place to another. All that is going to be a lot of fun!” she informed.

Quizzed how easy or difficult it is for her to perform comedy, Chitrashi replied: “For me it’s a lot of fun. Every job comes with a different set of challenges. As long as you are open to learning something new, it becomes much fun. As an artiste, I love to learn new things. It is a light-hearted fun show. Am enjoying myself here.”

–By Ahana Bhattacharya

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