Hussain Kuwajerwala shares his secret for a successful marriage

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It’s truly said that the recipe of a successful marriage never comes with a manual. But it seems like popular actor Hussain Kuwajerwala has his own secret recipe to keep the spark alive. Gracing the sets of Kitchen Champion with his wife Tina as his companion, Hussain will be seen competing against his close friend Iqbal Khan who will be joined by his wife Sneha.

The romantic duo, Hussain and Tina are inseparable and are known to give high couple goals. Witnessing their fabulous chemistry, host Arjun Bijlani curiously asked Hussain about the success of their happy married life during the cook off battle. An excited Hussain responded that the secret behind this is the ‘three S’ which captured the attention of the viewers.

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Replying to Arjun, Hussain Kuwajerwala said, “I believe that every marriage has its own beauty. For me the success of our marriage is the three ‘S’ that I follow. They stand for ‘Sorry’, ‘Sun raha hun na baby’ and ‘Silence’, when you religiously follow this at the right time, you are at the merrier side of it. Hence, Tina  and I don’t fight at all

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