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International Coffee Day: Celebs confess their love for coffee

International Coffee Day, which is observed on October 1 to promote and celebrate coffee as a beverage, celebs talk about their love for coffee.

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They say “A bad day with coffee is much better than a good day without it.” If you are a coffee lover then you will know what that one cup of coffee means to you.

So on International Coffee Day, which is observed on October 1 to promote and celebrate coffee as a beverage, celebs talk about their love for coffee. Read on

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Sharad Malhotra: Coffee is a hug in a mug. I like coffee and have it occasionally. But I love its aroma. I agree that starting your day with a cup of coffee gives you the energy for a day, and on some days I love to start my day with a cup of coffee. 

Bhavesh Kumar: I love coffee but I am not mad about it. Being a sports person I don’t have either tea or coffee. Even now I don’t drink coffee that much, but when I do I drink around half litre cold coffee, and I want to have the biggest mug. I drink coffee when I have a late-night shoot and I have to stay awake the whole night. I even tried the dalgona coffee trend, and I loved it.

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Avinash Mukherjee: I love and live on coffee. I love my black coffee and have at least six to seven mugs of coffee a day on average.

Srishti Jain: I mean who doesn’t enjoy a good cup of coffee? Whenever I feel low on energy or have a splitting headache a cup of coffee can fix my mood and my headache in no time. From taking the first whiff of freshly brewed coffee to the first sip is bliss. I usually have around one to two cups of coffee every day. I prefer my Americano hot. Wishing all the coffee lovers a very happy World Coffee Day!

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Shivani Gosain: I was a complete chai lover but lately I have developed my taste for coffee and I am loving it. Usually, I have a cup of coffee only when I have an official meeting or when I am catching up with friends at CCD or Starbucks, etc. But now on shoots also I have started enjoying coffee. While shooting I normally have two cups of coffee in a day.

Ajay Chaudhary: Coffee is a very special drink, but I don’t drink coffee regularly. Coffee plays a very special occasion type of role in my life, like if I want to go for a date with my wife then I go for a coffee date. I make very good coffee and I make it for my wife as she loves it. I feel that my mother-in-law makes the world’s best coffee, even Starbucks doesn’t stand a chance in front of her coffee.

Khushbhoo Kamal: I am a coffee lover and I prefer having strong coffee. I love black coffee and milk coffee. For me, coffee is the biggest stress buster. I have coffee when I feel lazy and sleepy and it kicks in energy. I have two to three cups of coffee every day. I want to wish all the coffee lovers a happy world coffee day.

Rishina Kandhari: I have two to three cups of coffee daily. And I prefer black coffee when I am working out. I love the smell of coffee when I go to buy perfumes I sniff coffee beans more than the perfume bottles. If life will give me lemons, I’ll give them back and ask for some coffee.

Rohit Chaudhary: Of late I have become a coffee lover. Earlier I used to hate coffee but then someone came into life and she is a big-time coffee lover and the first time we met was on a coffee date. Since then I developed a taste for coffee. Coffee for me is romance, my life my partner loves coffee and we spend our time in coffee shops. We don’t miss a single day without having coffee together. One cup of coffee a day has become a ritual now.

Angad Hasija: I love coffee, you can say coffee is my weakness. In the last few weeks I was having three to four cups in a day, that too black coffee, but now I have reduced my intake. Normally I have black coffee only but I have milk coffee too. Whenever I feel low I have a coffee because I am a coffee person. Whenever I travel abroad I try different types of cafes and different types of coffee because there are so many types of coffee available and I love to explore different coffees of different countries.

Vijayendra Kumeria: I love to beat the heat with a glass of cold coffee. Cold coffee is a mood enhancer. I just love the aroma of coffee. I just feel happy and fresh when I sip my homemade cold coffee. I keep a check on my caffeine intake but a glass of cold coffee is what I don’t mind at all.

Savi Thakur: Coffee has become a part of my life. There is not even a single day without coffee. It helps you to stay in shape, it’s good for weight loss, good for your liver and it keeps me energetic. Whenever I feel low at work I just take a sip of black coffee. I usually have it post-lunch because that is the time when you become lazy. I have two to three cups a day. 

Nishant Singh Malkhani: I love coffee. I have it first thing in the morning every day. I just love the smell of freshly brewed coffee. It’s not just my mood enhancer, it’s a stress buster and energy booster too. Whenever I feel lazy, I just have a cup of coffee and it kicks in a lot of energy. I usually have two to three cups of coffee in a day. 

Ansh Bagri: I love coffee. My day is incomplete if I don’t get coffee. The smell of coffee in the morning makes me happy. It gives me a sense of luxury. I have two cups of coffee in a day and I make sure that I go twice or thrice to a coffee shop but because of the lockdown it’s only take away.

Mou Das: I am not just a coffee lover I am coffeeholic. It is my potion for instant energy. Coffee for me is like how spinach was for popeye. Can’t say how many cups a day as I never say no to coffee anytime

Urvashi Upadhyay Sharle: I am a coffee lover and I love cold coffee more than hot coffee. In cold coffee, we get many variations like a cold coffee milkshake, cold coffee ice cream and I love all the variations of that. There is no specific time to have coffee for me, anytime is coffee time. During childhood, we used to hide while having coffee as it was not allowed but now we have coffee available in every house. Having coffee is also considered a fashion statement and it also boosts your moods. Though October 1 is world coffee day, for me every day is a coffee day as I am a coffee lover.

Yesha Rughani: A Cup of coffee is like a morning alarm to me. It wakes me up! My day ain’t complete without lots and lots of coffee. I prefer Americano/ Black coffee to kick start the day and then a cup of flat white while the sunsets. A cup of coffee also has an emotional attachment, because it always reminds me of how I used to spend that sunset on my swings in my garden with my darling mother and our cups of coffee while I was in my hometown. It used to be our special time.

Vikas Sethi: I am a big lover of coffee. I like my coffee cold and iced. A cup of coffee to me means comfort. I don’t have coffee regularly anymore, I only have it on some days when I feel like.

Jhanvi Sethi: Coffee is my go-to drink. I wake up and start my day with a fresh cup of hot coffee. It refreshes me completely.

Dhruvee Haldankar: Coffee is to be drunk in small quantities like shots, it is a mood enhancer and instantly switches my vibrations towards happiness, love, and euphoria. Toast to the ones who are coffee lovers like me.

Delnaaz Irani: I am not a big coffee fan but since Percy is a huge coffee fan especially a black coffee fan, I have started loving coffee ever since I met him. I am a tea lover. I started drinking more coffee with him and our coffee dates increased. During the lockdown at around 4:30 p.m. he used to make his black coffee then he would make coffee for me. He makes wonderful coffee. I feel it gives you a lot of energy especially people say when you workout you need to have a coffee shot and then go for a workout. I have started loving it recently.

Subuhii Joshii: Are you a coffee lover? That shouldn’t even be a question because how could someone not like coffee? Feeling tired? Have a cup of hot coffee. Feeling hot? Have a cup of cold coffee. I mean a cup of coffee can do wonders. I usually drink coffee before my workout, basically a coffee shot to keep me active for the entire workout.

Jasmin Bhasin: I love coffee. I start my day with coffee, it’s a ritual that I have been following for a very long time now. It’s not just my go-to drink, but also my happy potion.

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