Jasleen Matharu & Anup Jalota’s jodi, the talk of Bigg Boss 12 house

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Post the premiere of Bigg Boss 12, the biggest revelation was bhajan maestro Anup Jalota's relationship with his muse Jasleen Matharu. Not just the outer world, but even the housemates are curious about the two. The housemates remained confused about their relationship and there was a buzz the moment they stepped into the house. During the nomination task too, questions were raised on their complicated relationship. Jasleen Matharu kept defending her relationship with the singer, Anup Jalota.

Sourabh Patel posed questions on Jasleen's affair and asking her to define what kind of relationship she shares with Anup. In her response, she said that she doesn't need to explain herself or show any chemistry between them. Everyone remains confused about the two as Anup Jalota said that Jasleen is his girlfriend but she said something else. When Shivashish Mishra asks what are they actually – girlfriend-boyfriend, live-in partners or normal friends, Anup Jalota tells that they are everything that he mentioned. Hearing this he keeps his hand on Jasleen while Jasleen brings him closer and asks if this is the chemistry they are talking about. She even tells that this is not a dating show where they need to showcase their chemistry. She also got furious while answering the questions as it is their matter and no one has any right to comment on them.

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It will be interesting to see how the unconventional couple deals with the prying eyes of the housemates without losing their cool.

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