Juhi Parmar is back with ‘Hamari Wali Good News’

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Juhi Parmar, popularly remembered as Kumkum, is back once again and this time around it is for a unique story where Juhi will be seen in the title role as Renuka.

Titled ‘Hamariwali Good News’, is an interesting story where Juhi is playing a young mother-in-law who conceives a child for her daughter-in-law who cannot, bring a new life into the family.

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Juhi Parmar, who is a single parent in real life, spoke to us and said, “I have been reading so many scripts over the years after Kumkum but when ‘Hamariwali Good News’ came to me, I instantly had a smile on my face. The story line is unique and gives me, as an actor, the opportunity to once again experiment with something new. It’s always about the challenge a role brings and Renuka is a strong-headed, God fearing, fun loving housewife who goes to an extent of having a child for her daughter-in-law, a thought that is so noble and yet so challenging. Being a mother in real life, I know that even the thought of my child being with someone else, makes my heartbeat literally stop.

And yet Renuka has the courage to go through it all with a smile on her face for her family. I would say the greatest gift in my career has been Kumkum and I just hope that Renuka becomes the cherry on top!” Sristhi Jain and Shakti Anand are also going to be seen in this show which seems to be very different from the normal saas-bahu sagas that rule the roost!

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