Sunday, October 24, 2021

Kanupriya Pandit unties the knot on being the bride’s mom in ‘Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2’

Kanupriya Pandit plays Priya's (Disha Parmar) mother 'Meera Sood', taking care of four daughters, she's lived a happy life even though her husband left her

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Actress Kanupriya Pandit portrays the role of Priya’s (Disha Parmar) mother ‘Meera Sood’. Taking care of four daughters, she’s lived a happy life even though her husband left her because she had four daughters.

Finally, living a long pending dream of her daughter Priya’s wedding, ‘Meera’ will also be seen dealing with her emotions.

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Talking about her character and the current track of the show, Kanupriya shares: “The Sood family is at such a juncture in their life where suddenly there’s a great match of ‘Ram’ that’s come their way. Money isn’t the highlight but ‘Ram’ (Nakuul Mehta) is genuinely a nice person. From the things that he does, the way he reacts to various situations.”

She continues: “One situation was when my character’s ex-husband came in, one situation was when my character’s ex-husband’s wife spoke ill about us (Soods) to the Kapoor family. But ‘Ram’ handled all these things with grace and dignity. From a mother’s (Meera) point of view, I have found the match for my daughter (Priya). And, if I have to say spiritually or surreally so why shouldn’t an Indian mother who prays, celebrates festivals, get a match like ‘Ram’ for her daughter?”

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