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Karan Kundra: Panic will not help in battling Covid

Actor Karan Kundra feels that the fear of the third coronavirus wave and the new Delta+ variant should not distract people from focusing on what’s important. He emphasised on the importance of following protocols.

“The panic is not going to help. Only being more careful is going to help. I’m not saying it’s not a dangerous situation. It is a dangerous situation but, panic will not lead to anything. Whatever variant it is, if you always wear a mask and if you always practice social distancing, it is going to stay away. So, you have to take care of yourself first, your family and eventually everyone will be safe,” said Karan.

He adds: “You follow protocols and you try to stay indoors. If it’s really important for you to go out, maintain distance, and you should be fine. There is no need to panic. There’s no use in panicking.”

The actor reveals how he along with his show’s team took measures to shoot safely.

“Initially, when the second wave came, we guys went into a bio bubble. So, what we did for the show is that we went to a resort in Silvassa. Our entire unit got tested and we entered the resort and we couldn’t go out. Nobody could come in and nobody could go out. The supplies would come in and they were all tested. Since Silvassa is a little far off, it wasn’t as risky as shooting in Filmcity. So, everybody was safe. We shot there for 2 months then we came back,” he says.

Going fowards, he reveals about the protocols that are being followed in Mumbai.

“We have to shoot within a time frame. The unit has been reduced to 1/3rd of its size, not a lot of people can come in, a lot of the unit has to stay on set at Filmcity, and they’re not allowed to take local transport or go back to their houses. Only the actors and the direction team can go back and we are not allowed to meet outside people. So, it’s like a bio bubble only. If you break the bubble then one has to get tested. Now there are also vaccination drives. So, we all had to be vaccinated and we were given three days of rest and only then were we allowed to go on set,” reveals Karan.

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