Monday, October 18, 2021

Kinshuk turns into 'not-so-chocolate boy next door' to host crime show

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Mumbai, Oct 2 (IANS) Actor Kinshuk Vaidya has turned host for a crime thriller television show titled ‘Jurm Ka Chehra’. The actor said he had to change his popular image of the chocolate boy next door for hosting this kind of a show.

“Jurm Ka Chehra is a great take on today’s contemporary crime which prevails in society. The show’s primary target is the youth of the country, it has the millennial touch to it and we wanted to portray it like this,” Kinshuk said.

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Talking about how he has prepared for playing the host of this crime show, Kinshuk said: “To make the young audience connected to the show, the makers wanted to have a young host but with a stern look. In order to do that, I had to grow my stubble, moustache and be the not-so-chocolate boy next door which the audiences have seen me portraying.”

Opening up on why crime shows are necessary in the present time, the actor shared: “To be honest, people aren’t really aware of contemporary online crimes, cyber frauds, financial frauds, and others. We wanted to throw light on these crimes that affect the middle-class society who gets blackmailed for even the smallest of the needs. Also, a show that marks the dark world as understandable to the audience is quite necessary.”

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‘Jurm Ka Chehra’ airs on The Q channel.


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