Kushal Punjabi enters TV show ‘Vish’

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Mumbai, Sep 24 (IANS) Actor Kushal Punjabi will soon be seen in the television show “Vish”.

“What intrigued me to play the character of kaabile ka Sardaar is that I have never played such a character before. After doing so many movies, web shows and television shows, this character was something which was very different,” said Kushal, who has featured in movies like “Lakshya” and “Kaal”.

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“For an actor there is nothing more challenging than to portray a different character. I had to work on the lingo of the character with the creative (team) of the show as it was not any other usual character. My character addresses a person with a different tonality, irrespective of any gender. I am sure the viewers will be delighted to see such a character,” he added about his role in the Peninsula Pictures show.

Kaabile ka Sardaar is the leader of a tribal group who will help Aditya and Aliya in their quest to find something which Sabrina stole from them.

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