Now comedians to tickle Farah Khan’s funny bone!

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As the pandemic continues to cast its shadow of stress over India, Zee TV makes an attempt to lighten up the nation’s collective mood by offering its viewers an escape from all the stress via the route of some much-needed humor and rib-tickling comedy on its upcoming reality show, Zee Comedy Show.

The reality show will regale viewers with the entire spectrum of comedy ranging from visual comedy to stand-up to funny skits to parodies and even spoofs. The show boasts of some of the country’s best comedians and artistes putting their funny foot forward in a bid to make the witty and humorous ace choreographer-turned-filmmaker Farah Khan LOL her heart out.

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The ‘Laughing Buddha’ Farah Khan mentioned, “We all have been stressing about the current scenario because of the pandemic that has been a threat to all of us since last year. I feel Zee TV has come up with Zee Comedy Show at the right moment. This is surely going to be the perfect getaway for all the viewers, to relax with their family and laugh out loud.”

I’m happy that the best of the best comedians and artistes are a part of the show and they will try everything in their power to make me and the whole nation laugh. In fact, we’ve shot for the first two episodes already, and I must say I have been laughing my heart out in each episode. The entire team of comedians, actors, singers, writers and directors are doing a fabulous job and I am sure Zee Comedy Show will put a smile on everyone’s face during this tough time,” she added.

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One of the interesting aspects about Zee Comedy Show is the unique layout where all the comedy will unfold – be it the sloped-set or the gravity-defying 90-degree set with a dining table mounted on a wall, there are several thematic miniature set ups and props that are bound to accentuate the sheer level of visual comedy and ensure that every comedian tries out something new with every act.

The two teams on the show each have a mix of comedians, actors and singers including Ali Asgar, Sugandha Mishra Bhosle, Dr. Sanket Bhosale, Gaurav Dubey, Ballraaj, Siddharth Sagar, Divyansh Dwivedi, Tejasswi Prakash, Aditya Narayan, Punit J. Pathak and Chitrashi Rawat. Rather than just giving them their scores after their performances like a typical judge, Farah Khan will be seen as the Laughing Buddha, who reacts to their jokes and punches in her own inimitable style and ends up being a catalyst to all the madness!

While Farah is eager to step into the Laughing Buddha’s shoes and have a ball on the sets, recently a video of her being all stressed out went viral. In an attempt to cheer her up, the Zee Comedy Show artistes came up with the wackiest Reels to make her laugh. Their antics and hilarious expressions had her in splits … Even the influencer and music creator, Mayur Jumani decided to make a catchy #HasiOnStressGone rap song for her and the lively song has spread like wildfire across social media.

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While all of this certainly cheered Farah up and made her ROFL, Farah revealed she is all set to regale audiences with her gang of mad-caps from Zee Comedy Show and their wholesome, family-friendly comedy which will help everyone beat the blues every weekend!

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