Paras Chhabra: One can’t fool the audience

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Mumbai, March 20 (IANS) From breaking up with his girlfriend Akanksha Puri to tackling allegations that he had not paid his designers for clothes, actor and “Bigg Boss 13” contestant Paras Chhabra has been involved in numerous controversies for a while. Many people have even judged him over all the news that constantly circulates about him. However, Paras says the truth is very different from what people read about him.

“What you read is very different from the truth. Today because of the digital space, everyone has their version of the truth, which may not be the real story. But I have never faked it. Today’s audience is smart, they have a sense of judgement, you cannot fool them,” Paras said.

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A few days ago, two designers had alleged that Paras has not paid them their dues for styling the clothes he wore inside the “Bigg Boss” house.

“It is extremely unprofessional. Every time he says mere GST issues chal rahe hain (I’m having GST issues), hence I haven’t got my prize money of Bigg Boss 13 and shall pay you only when I get it,” one of the designers said.

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Responding to such allegations, Paras’ spokesperson had issued a statement, stating that he is not liable to pay anything to the designers.

“These are false allegations by the stylists to gain cheap publicity. Nearly after two months if this is what they are trying to do, we call it disgusting and uncalled for.

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“They have taken due mileage and credits from Paras as it was a pure collaboration and should value it and they had approached Paras for a barter deal and he is not liable to pay anything. Collaboration means ,there are no finances involved or anything that they are claiming,” the statement read.

On the work front, after “Bigg Boss 13”, Paras bagged the Colors reality show “Mujhse Shaadi Karoge”, which recently ended amid the coronavirus outbreak in the country. Apparently, the show failed to woo the audience and ended due to low TRPs.



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