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Paras Chhabra Threatens to Quit the Show for Aanchal Khurana

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Aanchal Khurana who entered this week in the dating reality show 'Mujhse Shaadi Karoge' as a wildcard contestant has ruffled a lot of feathers in the show with her strong positioning and connect with Paras Chhabra.

Aanchal is very straight forward and outspoken while speaking her heart out in the show. As the competition in the dating reality show has intensified, it is seen that contestants who had come to date Paras Chhabra and Shehnaaz Gill are now trying to date other co-contestants as well. 

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Comic Balraj Syal's closeness to Ankita’s shifted the limelight on the duo. Their chemistry and romance raised all the other eyebrows of the housemates. Aanchal Khurana slammed Ankita saying that her behaviour and orientation towards Balraj is unacceptable as she had entered the dating reality show for Paras Chhabra.

While speaking her heart out Aanchal said "I am a one-man woman. I don't kiss, hug, hold hands and sit in the lap of people of opposite gender be it even my friends. I would like to reserve these special gestures for the love of my life only." She further went on to criticize Ankita for being treacherous by getting close to Balraj and also seriously questioned her character. 

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Hearing the commotion, Balraj also stepped in the argument and accused Aanchal of character assassination of Ankita in an unreasonable and ruthless manner. Replying to Balraj Aanchal reiterated that she is in the show for Paras Chhabra and will conduct herself accordingly till the very end.  

As this is the eviction week, the host Gautam Gulati walked in to talk about the happenings in the house. Gautam asked the wild card entries to break the bottle on the contestants whom they feel are faking it up in the show.

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Aanchal set her target on Sanjana, whilst Shehzaada broke the bottle on Balraj for being fake. His reason was the same as of Aanchal, and he said that by getting close to Ankita; Balraj is being untruthful to Shehnaaz Gill and does not deserve to be on the show.  On hearing this there was a heated argument again between the contestants and Paras and Shehnaaz. Shehnaaz accused Aanchal of character assassination of Ankita.

On this Paras took Aanchal Khurana's side for being truthful. This further spiced up the heated debate in the house. Things got so ugly that Paras Chhabra declared that he will quit the show if Aanchal's truthfulness is a problem for any other housemate.

Aanchal's entry seemed to be a breath of fresh air for Paras as they had shared a long history together. The chemistry and conversation during their date was a testimony to the fact that Aanchal is one of the strongest contenders of the show.

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