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Pearl V Puri and Nikki Sharma to feature in Ekta Kapoor’s weekend thriller, Brahmarakshas

The show will feature popular television actress Nikki Sharma and Pearl V Puri in the lead.

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Zee TV has presented various successful shows over the past 27 years and won its audience over with out-of-the-box and extraordinary content. With the COVID-19 pandemic bringing about an environment of uncertainty and gloom, Zee TV recognizes the need of the hour and is all set to take its audience on a trip to the land of fantasy with the second season of its immensely successful and intriguing show Brahmarakshas.

Produced by Balaji Telefilms, the show will bring yet another unique and compelling narrative inspired by the folklores about the Bhramarakshas who has returned with twice as much power.

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Set against the backdrop of Songadh, the show depicts the journey of an ordinary young girl, Kalindi – whose destiny gets entwined with the evil forces and a drastic quirk of fate has her drawing all her inner strength to combat the evil Brahmarakshas.

While the latter garners its strength from kidnapping brides on the day of their wedding and casting a dark spell over the town, Kalindi’s only source of strength is her love for her partner, Angad (Pearl V Puri). As she navigates and manoeuvres her way through the world of evil and her own ordinary life, Kalindi finds herself fighting a tough battle to protect the people she truly cares for!

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The show will feature popular television actress Nikki Sharma essaying the strong-willed character of Kalindi, a young 21-year old lives an ordinary life with an ordinary dream to complete her graduation and bag a dream job.

Balancing her time between academics, household chores and her quest of being financially independent, Kalindi does not let her introverted nature, status or fate decide the way she will be treated by others. Oblivious to her own beauty and charms, Kalindi does not pay heed to the attention she gets from several rich men until she falls in love with Angad, a character essayed by the very talented and popular television actor Pearl V Puri.

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Unlike Kalindi, Angad (Pearl V Puri) is an outspoken, charming, rich, good-looking man who has a personality to die for. Highly successful but also flirtatious in nature, Angad often becomes the centre of attention amongst several women and takes great pride in being so.

While he is quite surprised to see Kalindi unimpressed by the very attributes that make other women go gaga over him, this very perspective towards love and life changes once she enters his life.

However, Kalindi’s life takes a turn when the evil Bhramarakshas interferes in their love story so that he can marry Kalindi and become the most powerful evil being. Determined to protect her loved ones, Kalindi will fight a rather gruelling battle of Good versus Evil.

Talking about her character, Nikki Sharma (Kalindi) shared, “Playing a lead is a first for me and the fact that this opportunity comes with my first thriller fantasy show is all the more exciting. Fantasy shows are one of my favourites as they come with a lot of scope to experiment with the characters which I believe is always such a treat for an actor’s soul. While I do relate with Kalindi in a lot of ways, I believe this role does come with its own set of challenges and will require a blend of emotions to bring out the right essence of the character.

From all the interesting and intriguing experiences that I have heard about shooting for supernatural dramas, I am really excited and eager to venture onto this journey.  I’m looking forward to this and I hope the audiences will like the show too.”

Adding on to her excitement, Pearl V Puri (Angad) shared, “This is my third collaboration with Balaji and also my third supernatural show. I am really looking forward to playing the character of Angad as it comes with its own quirks and he seems to be quite the ladies’ man. The character is quite different from my earlier roles and I’m really thrilled to start this new journey. I hope the audiences love this season of the show as well.”

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With an ordinary mortal woman rising against the most powerful and evil being that has ever awakened, lookout to know where is he now? What does he look like? What is his motive this time around? Will Kalindi be successful in vanquishing all the evil around her? Nobody knows!

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