Raghav Tiwari gives farewell to ‘Aditya’

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Actor Raghav Tiwari, seen as the protagonist ‘Aditya’ in the television show ‘Hamari Wali Good News’, recalls a few things that he imbibed from his onscreen character. He also bids adieu to his role in the daily soap as it went off air recently. He was among the main leads.

Sharing about his role in the show, he said: “Playing ‘Aditya’ was challenging for me. For every shade I had to sketch a graph. I did some method acting practices to make the transition acceptable. It was a hell of a ride and I’m thankful to all my viewers for appreciating my work and helping me move on. I am sad but yet sure for a new journey while giving my farewell to my character ‘Adi’. It was a rollercoaster indeed.”

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The actor said that his onscreen character had taught him many lifetime lessons. “I had learnt to value relations from the show. One wrong decision taken in life can have a lot of repercussions. That’s what Aditya’s journey was all about in the show. From being an honest banker, obedient son, loving husband to completely ruthless and money minded maniac. His hatred for his father became so huge that in his process he burned his whole world down. He lost his mother, love of his life and his happiness. The show has taught me many lessons that I’ll always remember and carry forward,” he said.

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