Will Kavya take Anupamaa’s place in Vanraj’s life?


The recent track of Rajan Shahi’s ‘Anupamaa’ on Star Plus, is keeping the audience on the edge of their seats. Since Anirudh revealed Vanraj and Kavya’s relationship to Anupamaa and family, the duo is trying to keep it low so that no one suspects them of anything. But the audience will get to see a lot more of Kavya now, as she plans on shifting with the Shahs.

Will Kavya take Anupamaa's place in Vanraj's life?
A still of Rajan Shahi’s Anupamaa on Star Plus

In the upcoming episode, the audience will see that Kavya faces domestic violence and runs to Vanraj for help and says that she will live with them as she is scared to go back to her own house. The innocent and caring woman that she is, Anupamaa immediately agrees to it. Despite all that has been said about Kavya and Vanraj, Anupamaa has immense faith in both of them. She not only tries to support Kavya as a woman but consoles her as a friend too.

But, is that what Kavya came for? Kavya has something else in her mind as she plans to take Anupamaa’s place in Vanraj’s life and this is just the first step towards that goal.


However, all this will leave Vanraj in shock as well as a dilemma as he knows how possessive Kavya can be. Seeing him all day with Anupamaa will definitely cause more jealousy and hatred in Kavya for Anupamaa. Only time and the upcoming episodes can tell us about the fate of this trio.

Produced by Rajan Shahi and his mother Deepa Shahi under their banner Shahi Productions Pvt Ltd., ‘Anupamaa’ features Rupali Ganguly, Sudhanshu Pandey, Madalsa Sharma, Rushad Rana, Aashish Mehrotra, Paras Kalnawat, Nidhi Shah, Alpana Buch and Arvind Vaidya.



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