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Rakhi Sawant and Nikki Tamboli meet head-to-head in an epic clash in Bigg Boss 14

This time it's Nikki Tamboli's turn to face Rakhi's wrath.

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With every passing day, things are getting more tense inside the Bigg Boss house. Guess, after spending more than a hundred days together, contestants seem to lose their cool. Lately, we saw a sudden outrage of Devoleena, and Rakhi Sawant had her share of turbulence in the past few days. Where recently we witnessed her major showdown with Abhinav and Rubina, this time it’s Nikki Tamboli’s turn to face Rakhi’s wrath.

It starts when Nikki asks her to return her stuff but doesn’t seem to like waiting as Rakhi completes her work in the kitchen. After having an unpleasant discussion, Nikki gets agitated and goes into Rakhi’s stuff to get her things which clearly leaves Rakhi unpleased. And thus, begins another heated argument between these two.

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Both seem to be equally provoked and have no plans of taking a step back. Where Miss Tamboli threatens to slap Rakhi if she crosses her limits, Rakhi remains unfazed. In fact, she challenges Nikki to step forward and slap her if she has the guts to do so! Nikki gets up, and the two have a major shouting match as Arshi and Abhinav intervene and try to diffuse the tension!

How will Rakhi and Nikki’s fight go down?

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Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

Kajal Aggarwal

Kiara Advani

Pooja Hegde

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