Monday, October 18, 2021

Sahil Shroff gets evicted, bids adieu to Bigg Boss 15

Sahil Shroff fell short at making any impact on the viewers. His journey inside the house was smooth; his philosophy was to be a team player

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Just like superstar host Salman Khan had warned, surviving this jungle will be way tougher this year! The first ‘Weekend Ka Vaar’ of this season has not only shaken the housemates with the eviction but also taught them a lesson. Every contestant has understood that they now need to work harder to entertain viewers to continue their journey in the Bigg Boss house. With politics and drama getting intense since the inception of this season, Sahil faced the brunt as this weekend brought in the first eviction.

As other ‘Gharwasis’ and ‘Junglewasis’ were setting in the house, Sahil Shroff, too, was getting started with his gameplay. However, as his luck would have it, he got eliminated due to a lack of votes. A popular personality, Sahil, unfortunately, fell short at making any impact on the viewers. His journey inside the house was smooth; neither did he pick fights with fellow housemates nor interfere in anyone’s matters. His philosophy was to be a team player, and he followed it.

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He played the game diligently as he always supported the ‘Junglewasis’ in all the tasks. In the brief period he spent in the Bigg Boss jungle, he will be taking away many yaadein and yaariyaan back home. Even in his short-lived journey, he had pleasant moments as he became close friends with Miesha, Simba, Ieshaan and Umar, and spent joyful time with them. All will miss Sahil’s splendid cooking skills and sweet nature in the house.

Talking about his journey in the house, Sahil Shroff said, “I never thought my ‘Bigg Boss’ journey would end so soon and nor did the contestants in the house feel that. I had just started to pick up the pace of the game and was settling to the format and starting to show my game which in comparison to others is a little different. Everyone has a certain pace and style, and I clearly was getting into my own.”

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Sahil further added, “In fact, I was very motivated by Salman Khan’s advice on the Weekend ka Vaar but before I could implement it, things turned the other way. It would have only been fair to give me another week as I started to make inroads and show my other side. I feel great being home with my family and especially my mother who is need of me being here, so it’s a double-edged sword.”

“In one way I am happy I am back home and living the life I love and on the other I will miss my friends inside the house and the challenges I was going to face. I am happy to have this experience under my belt, I was my authentic self and grateful for the opportunity and would not change a thing or a result. I made some good friends and was true to show. All good memories and no complaints. Thank you COLORS and Big Boss,” Sahil Shroff concludes.

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