Sara Khan shoots video for new song

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Mumbai, Sep 21 (IANS) Television actress Sara Khan will soon be seen in the music video “Tattoo boy”. She says that although she is normally sceptical about featuring in music videos of others — because she creates songs herself — she made an exception this time because she loved the song the moment she heard it.

Sara Khan was interacting with the media at the shoot of “Tattoo boy” with co-actor Angad Hasija on Friday in Mumbai.

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“Nadeem (Khan) bhai is a dear friend and he is famous for his tattoos. When he put this song up in front of me, I was sceptical, because I make songs now. But when I heard the song, I really liked it and I agreed to be a part of it. I signed the song three months back and today we are shooting for it,” Sara said.

Her co-star in the song is Angad Hasija, with whom she has worked in television soaps. “My best friend Angad Hasija is also part of this song. Makers of this song were looking for an actor who would suit the character of Tattoo Boy, and if you see Angad has tattoos all over his body. So, I recommended his name. They (makers of the song) loved him, plus we have worked together,” Sara said.

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She added that “Tattoo boy” would be different from other songs. “The title is ‘Tattoo boy’ and I haven’t heard a song that talks of tattoos. So, I feel people who have tattoos will relate with this song. It’s a beautiful song. It has been composed and shot really well. I hope people appreciate it.” she said.

Talking about her journey in the entertainment industry, Sara pointed out: “I have grown as a person and I have grown with a lot of things. Whatever has happened in my life till now has made me today what I am so, it has been amazing and I am looking forward to a good journey ahead also.”

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Sara Khan was last seen in the music video titled “Black heart”. She also sang the song.

“Tattoo boy” is produced by Nadeem Khan and directed by Vijay Bute.



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