Saurabh Pandey: Looks are a plus point if you are a good actor

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It’s safe to say that actor Saurabh Pandey is one of the most good-looking actors in the TV industry. His height, coupled with his ruggedly handsome looks and killer personality has clearly made him the most sought after as well. Wondering how he manages? “For maintaining and managing myself, I take care of what I eat, I also workout and keep myself in check,” he says.

He adds, “The only thing I would like to say to myself is to be focussed and take care of your body and the body will take care of you.”

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Ask him if he feels that being endowed with good looks means half the battle won as an actor, and he says, “I don't feel that good looks mean half the battle won in the acting field. As looks and acting are two different things. Looks are used for modelling and acting is a totally different concept. It's not necessary that you should be good looking to act well. But no doubt, looks are a plus point if you are a good actor.”

And who is the actor’s favourite? “I feel Salman Khan is the most charming actor and the most good-looking actor in Bollywood. Whatever his age may be, his charm will never go, like Sylvester Stallone.”

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