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Shefali Sharma took tips from her mother for her role

Actress Shefali Sharma, who is playing a mother on screen for the first time, says she took the help from her mother to understand her character well in ‘Sanjog’. She shares: “This is the very first time I am portraying the character of a mother on-screen, and I am super excited about this. While I did my thorough research for the part by reading all the documents we had and seeing several mother-daughter videos, I wanted some help to get all the nuances right.”

Shefali says that to bring out the emotions of a mother is never easy and to do it perfectly in ‘Sanjog’ she took suggestions from her mother.

“From my actions to my reactions, the way I carry myself, to how I speak to Tara (Hazel Shah), how I behave with her, and so on, I wanted to get each aspect correct. To ace these nuances, I took the help of my real mother and I don’t think any person would be able to help me other than my mother,” she adds.

Sharma hopes viewers will connect to her on-screen personality: “I have always seen my mother as a supermom, and so, she was the first person I reached out to take some tips for the show. I hope I am able to do justice to the character of Amrita and the audience loves my character and the show.”

‘Sanjog’ airs on Zee TV.


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