‘Jijaji Chhat Parr Koii Hai’ is a roller coaster ride

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Backing each other up and sharing an amazing camaraderie on and off-screen is something that defines the two popular actors who are currently seen essaying lead roles in Sony SAB’s ‘Jijaji Chhat Parr Koii Hai’ as CP (Hiba Nawab) & Jijaji (Shubhashish Jha). While Anup Upadhyay, Soma Rathod and Rashi Bawa continue to add new dimensions to the show and its intriguing storyline, the addition of Sucheta Khanna and Jitu Shivhare and Vipin Heero have added a fresh perspective to this entirely fresh storyline.

The sparkling chemistry between CP and Jijaji is the talk of the town, and Saaya is leaving no stones unturned by creating new trouble for Jindals and Sharmas everyday.

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Hiba Nawab, talking about what makes ‘Jijaji Chhat Parr Koii Hai’ unique said, “Jijaji Chhat Parr Koii Hai has a completely refreshed storyline and has made a strong comeback on television weaving in a blend of genres. The show has been receiving love and appreciation from all over the country for the way its story has been knitted, recognizing it to be one of the first television shows with a blend in the genre. My timing has been polished since I began shooting for this show.”

“The current role requires me to adequately play the role of the ghost, Saaya and CP, who is today’s era girl. I have always been a fan of being a part of Sony SAB and we have luckily got some amazing directors and makers who support us throughout and create a balance between both the roles I play. It is never monotonous for us to go on the sets and perform our roles time and again. We too are always excited to know what will happen next? Jijaji Chhat Parr Hai is one of my favourite shows of all time and I could never say a NO to the sequel of the show,” said Hiba.

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Shubhashish Jha, talking about his experience of doing comedy for the first time said, “Playing Jitendra Jamvat Jindal in the show has helped me develop my acting skills, improve my nuances and deliver the best to my viewers and fans. I always knew that doing comedy is not a piece of cake, but the way I have gotten into the skin of my character, I feel blessed now. The show is truly a roller coaster ride for the viewers, but we always try to maintain the balance of comedy and mystery tadka altogether, making it fun for the viewers to watch.”

“These are the times when everyone is getting so anxious about everything, but the way our fans have showered us with loads of love for our characters on social media, I don’t think there is any other better way than to resort to humour and keep our audience entertained. The refreshing factor of the show is something I am really attracted to; we learn and explore ourselves daily as an artist on the sets. Be it off-screen or on-screen, we all together enjoy working in this comedy, with a twist of mystery and thrill to it,” said Shubhashish.

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Sharing her experience about playing a double role for the first time, Hiba said, “I have never thought of playing a ghost in my life but now that I am doing it, I am enjoying every bit of Saaya. Being in her look gives me a whole different look and aura. The makers have really worked hard on crafting this different look, where even though I don’t look scary but I scare off people with my expressions. I have gone through various workshops for the same and I believe that is what helped me differentiate the two characters and play them very differently on-screen, without any confusion.”

“There are various points that I need to keep in mind while performing these two different characters because the only similarity is that they look alike, other than that, their visual appearance is totally different, both belong to two different eras, and they handle situations in their own ways. So, it is very challenging as well as exciting for me to watch myself performing two characters that are poles apart and I am really enjoying it. There is no such day that I miss watching my show even though I know its story because it always helps me learn and improve my skills for the next time.”

Shubhashish further added, “I always had a very different life, away from acting since I was pursuing engineering, I realized acting is something I should try and I left the 9 to 5 job that I had, joined modelling and came here to Mumbai. This place has always been very welcoming for me and accepted me from my first show to giving me a whole range of opportunities to perform, experience, and age. Even today, I believe I am in a learning process. I try to be prepared and focused towards my work and perform well so as to entertain the audience that has always given me a lot of love and support since I have stepped into this TV industry.”

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