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Siddharth Arora's hair-raising tales on International Wig Day!

On films or TV, actors are often seen getting into the character’s skin through makeup, costumes, prosthetic, and much more. And for hairdo, wigs plays an important role and have been an integral part of many iconic TV and movie costumes.

On International Wig Day, ‘Baal Siv’ actor Siddharth Arora shares about the the role of wig in entire look while playing any character.

“Wigs have always been an important part of cosplay and creating unique and iconic looks. In mythological shows, wigs are a must to complete the larger-than-life aura and look,” he says.

He further adds on his look in the show and the kind of hairdo is needed: “Interestingly, human hair and hairdo have been powerful metaphors in several cultures. Several Vedic Gods and legendary kings are projected with long and uncut hair. For my character look of Mahadev, I have to wear a wig.”

“Although it is the first time, I have worn a wig on-screen for Mahadev’s look, I have a long history with wigs. And I must say, while it does feel uncomfortable if worn for long hours, it adds a sense of divinity and power the moment I get into Mahadev’s character. I was very fond of wearing wigs and disguising myself during school days. Whenever I participated in school plays, my main creative goal was cosplay. I am glad that this day is celebrated globally, and that people do the same, which I used to do in my childhood days,” he concludes.


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