Sunil Grover donates his earnings from Star Bharat’s ‘Gangs of Filmistaan’

Sunil Grover donates his earnings from Star Bharat’s ‘Gangs of Filmistaan’ to help the people suffering in this pandemic


Star Bharat, Indias’ leading GEC is gearing up to bring to its viewers fresh and innovative content. They are soon going to bring to its viewers the first ever Non-Fiction show “Gangs of Filmistaan” which will air from Monday to Friday only on Star Bharat.

The show that is all set to break all milestones in the comedy genre are going to take the viewers for a joyful rollercoaster ride and leave them laughing to bits.

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No just that! To add to the daily dose of entertainment, the channel has roped in none other than the famous comedian who is close to everyone’s heart, none other than the man himself – Sunil Grover. The show will unfold and out and put Bollywood spoof which has never been seen before in the format of a comedy show.

When spoken to the talented Sunil Grover he said…

Tell us about your show?


‘Gangs of Flimistaan,’ will be coming soon on Star Bharat.  Agar ek line mein batau toh, it is Bollywood coming to you in the funniest way. This show lives and breathes Bollywood all together. It is a crazy world of fictional situations / Spoofs /gags and banters which will make you laugh till you run out of breadth.

What is that one unique thing we will get to see from you in this show?

I will be playing the character of Don. ‘Haa don bole toh aapko 12 mulko ki Police ki yaad aayege’ …but this character will be very different. The characteristics are different and the audience will get to see a completely new avatar of me. All I can say now is they will be entertained way more than ever before.


How is this show different from all the other shows that have come before?

Bollywood he ek bada differentiator hai is show ka. The name of our show ‘Gangs of Flimistaan’ says it all. It will make you laugh like never before. There are shows which brings Bollywood as a part of their act but this show will bring Bollywood ek saath.  Ye pehla non – fiction show hoga which will be seen daily. You will get to see us every Monday to Friday for 1 hour.

Due to Covid-19 there have been major losses made.Have you consider this in your own fee or are there any slash in the fee happen from the channel’s end?

Well, I won’t say this as slashes . I would rather say this as negotiations being made. Star Bharat has been really kind enough and a lot of repercussions did not happen in terms of payment. More than payment, what is important is working. I am not a doctor or a scientist, where I will be making vaccine. I am a comedian and I can make people laugh and that is what i want at this moment.

Also let me tell you that whatever money that I will be earning from this show earned will be definently given to the people who are affected in this pandemic

What are your thoughts on comedy shows?

I believe that Comedy shows are a blessing as it brings smiles to everyone’s face. They are stress busters and makes families come together and laugh together. Being a comedian, mein apne aap ko khushnaseeb samjta hu ki mein in haalaton mein logo ko khush kar sakta hai. People who are associated with comedy shows are ideally doing a great job in bringing happiness in a world which it is difficult to find.

What made you say yes to the character and to this show?

Well, a show like this is the need of the hour. When I said need of the hour, it means that logo ko kuch aisa chaiye jaha vo khush rahein aur stress se dur rahe. Being a believer of spreading happiness, I had no difficulties whatsoever in saying yes to the show. Jese maine kaha I will be playing a ‘Bhai’ ya Don .This DON will not make you fear him instead you will fall in love with him. I can only tell you so much now but once the show goes on air you will see lots more and I hope the viewers will enjoy the show and love my character once again.

You are always known to get into the skin of the character when playing any role. How do you do to do these things?

As an artist I always believe in giving my best to every role. Mein koi bhi extent tak jaa sakta hu to look perfect for the character because tab he connection hota hai audience se. Connecting to the audience is one of the most important things. I would like to thank my viewers and fans for the support they have given me to all the characters that I have played throughout my journey. You can do all the hard work and get into the skin of the character but logo ka acceptance aur pyaar sabse important hai. I would say they are the main reason why I am able to do these things.

What preparation are you doing for this show?

I am trying to understand the character. I really loved the character sketch. Padke aise laga ki Character mere liye bana! I am giving myself more time to put in my inputs and make this character stronger and relatable to the viewers.  I have also been watching a lot of videos on YouTube to enhance the character which is helping me a lot.

How does it feel to make a comeback in television?

Television mere liye mera pehla ghar hai. This is where I started from. This is my root and my beginning. I have never said anywhere ki mae television shows nahi karunga.  Mere liye comeback se zyaada ye show homecoming hai.

Back to shoot life post the lockdown. What are your views?

Definitely things have changed and as they say this is the new normal jisse hume accept karna hoga.  First of all, it feels great to be back on shoot. Being in front of the camera, is what makes an artist like me happy. We are taking all the precautions set by the government right from sanitizing, using masks to logo se duri maintain karna.

You made a thought proving video for No world Tobacco Day. Do we see more such videos from you in the upcoming days?

Yes, as an artist I believe in highlighting issues which are thought provoking. As and when opportunity comes, I will make more such videos.   

What other projects are you working on right now?

As of now, mera focus sirf mere show Gangs of Flimistaan mein hai. No projects as of now for future, completely committed to my show.

How is your friendship with Kapil Sharma now?

We both have no grudges with each other. Times have changed, things have changed. We both have found our ways and working on things that is making our fans happy. Yes, we do speak at times and are on good terms with each other.

There is some news that Kapil Sharma and you are coming together for a web series. Is this true? Please share your thoughts on the same?

Kapil and I are doing absolutely great in our lives. There has been no such web series that we have said yes to.  When anything as such happens, we will surely let know our fans because they are our first priority.

Kiku Sharda mentioned that he misses you on the set. What are your views on it?

Kiku and me are really good friends on and off the set. Working with him was a completely different experience. I enjoyed every single moment spent on the set with him. I am missing him too and I hope that we work together some time soon.

Who is your competitor at this point of time?

I have no competition whatsoever in my life. With the grace of almighty and love of my fans, I have reached a destination where my only competition is me. This is not just today, but right from when I started my career. I am my biggest competition. I need to be the best version of myself every single time when I face that camera.

Do you believe in Nepotism?

I am here to talk about my show and would not like to comment on this

What is your take on the recent death of Sushant Singh?

Like every other individual I too was stunned by the death of Sushant Singh Rajput. I feel privileged to have made him laugh when he had come as a guest was in my previous show. I miss him like every other fan out there. I pray that his soul rest in peace and may he be happy wherever he is now. 

What is your take on depression?

Depression is an issue which is subjective to each person. Only the one going through it will understand. All we can do is help people who are going through a difficult phase by being with them and making them happy. I may not be in touch with someone who is going through it but it feels great to be making a contribution through my comedy to help people who are going through this.

There is news that you will be a part of Sab TV for a new show. What is your take on this?

I request you not to believe in anything until you have an official announcement from me. As of now, my only focus is on Gangs of Flimistaan. No plans for future, completely committed to my show.

Will you be ever open to Big Boss? We heard that you were approached to host the show?

Well I have worked with Salman Sir. He is someone who can never be replaced. As I said, I request you not to need to believe in anything until there is an official announcement from me,

Why did you take up this show when you were rising in Bollywood?

Well, as they say, one should never forget their roots. I firmly believe in that. The love that I received from television is what helped me make it to the bigger screen. This is the place which has made me what I am today. I would never say that I am making a comeback on television, instead I would say that the show ‘Gangs of Flimistaan’ is a homecoming. This is an opportunity for me to connect with my audience on a regular basis.



Sunil Grover donates his earnings from Star Bharat’s ‘Gangs of Filmistaan’ 1

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