Sushant's 'Pavitra Rishta' co-star Parag Tyagi: CBI enquiry is necessary

By Natalia Ningthoujam

New Delhi, Aug 19 (IANS) Actor Parag Tyagi is among celebrities who are happy that the Supreme Court on Wednesday ordered CBI probe into the death of actor Sushant Singh Rajput. He says it is the first step towards real justice.

Parag was Sushant’s co-actor in the daily soap “Pavitra Rishta” about a decade ago, and he hopes that the truth behind the late actor’s death on June 14 comes out soon.


“CBI enquiry is necessary. Somewhere there is a catch, Sushant was a very strong man. I knew him very well. His fans, family have the right to know the truth. They deserve to know the truth. Now with the CBI enquiry, it’s the first step towards real justice,” Parag told IANS.

“I hope the truth comes out soon so that Sushant rests in peace. No one can take his place but once the truth is out, I hope he gets justice. I am very glad that this is happening and thankful to those who had demanded CBI enquiry,” he added.

Many theories had come out after Sushant was found dead in his home in Mumbai. One of them was that he was battling depression.


“Anyone can get depressed as we all are leading a fast lifestyle. I can’t say that he was not in depression, but he wasn’t the sort of a person who could commit suicide. I think there is a foul play,” he said.

Apart from working on the TV show together, the two actors also met at parties.

“We used to meet at common friends’ parties and greet each other warmly. I used to wish him on the release of his films. He was a wonderful human being. He was one of the most hard-working actors I have ever worked with,” said Parag.


“There was a time when we worked for seven days straight. Sushant never cribbed about it. He used to be thankful for the opportunity. He was talented and hardworking. Losing a wonderful person is a loss to everyone,” he concluded.





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