Tushar not nervous about replacing Abeer as Sai Baba on TV

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Mumbai, Sep 7 (IANS) Fans of Abeer Soofi are upset about the actor being replaced by Tushar Dalvi as the on-screen Sai Baba. Tushar, however, is not nervous about stepping into Abeer’s shoes.

Tushar has started working on the show “Mere Sai: Shraddha Aur Saburi” where he essays the role of Sai Baba.

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Asked if he is nervous about how the audience will react, Tushar told IANS: “Nervous… could be the word but it is not because I am stepping into somebody else’s shoes. It is because I am playing such an iconic character. People have a connect with him. I think that makes me a bit tensed.”

“I know that whoever plays the first role, that impression will naturally be long-lasting. Abeer did a wonderful job. I don’t consider that as the point of tension or nervousness. Sai Baba is in everybody’s heart. I want to go as near as possible to him. That makes me a bit nervous. It is a huge challenge,” he added.

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The actor, who has also done Marathi and Hindi films, hasn’t spoken to Abeer about it. “Every actor has his own style. He played Sai according to his style. I will play according to my style. Whatever I have seen is wonderful. I appreciate what he has done.”

Tushar’s family members — especially on the maternal side — have been devotees of Sai Baba.

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“Since childhood one knows and has heard stories or has gone to Shirdi many times. Sai Satcharitra is always at home,” he said.

He sees it more than a devotional show.

“It is also about the things that we should imbibe. Widow remarriage and social reforms were highlighted in the show. Sai is always for social equality and against animal cruelty. All these are incorporated in the show, so it is not just a devotional show,” he said.



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