Porus actor Mohit Abrol accuses ex-fiancee Mansi Srivastava of cheating

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After breaking up with actress Mansi Srivastava a few months ago, TV actor Mohit Abrol has now accused her of cheating on him with her former co-star Arhaan Behl.

In an Instagram post, which is now deleted, Mohit opened up about his relationship, saying Mansi used him.

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"I wanted to see her again, to say goodbye the way I wanted. Then I realized if I got my way, I would never say goodbye how hard is it to say goodbye to people you really love and care. It's like cutting away a part of your body and throwing it away.

"I'm content that you moved on. I have loved you truly, for me it was forever Then I realized that nothing lasts forever. Forever is a lie. You moved on while still engaged to me but what hurts the most is it's not the first time you did it. I know it won't be the last. Don't use your new lover like you used me or don't use him for eight long years," he said.

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He added: "You lived in with me for all this time like a wife. I took all your responsibility and what I got in return… From Delhi to Mumbai, I took care of everything from your finances to driving you to auditions.

"I did everything for you what a husband does. Living in for eight years with you made me responsible. I gave you my eight long years, eight years of mine. I didn't care about my career or my health…All I cared about was you."

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Mohit also shared that he tried to kill himself with sleeping pills.

"Even when you had an affair with Arhaan and I tried to kill myself with sleeping pills, I got up after 3 days in ICU and you weren't even there. You were never there when I needed you. I had let you go that time but when Arhaan left you you tried coming back and made my life hell. I finally took you back thinking you have changed was mistaken, I regret that moment when I took you back. It should have been over then only," added the "Porus" actor.

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