Sunday, October 24, 2021

TV actor Rahil Azam on wearing 'police ki vardi' in the show 'Maddam Sir'

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Mumbai, Nov 20 (IANS) Actor Rahil Azam has joined the cast of Maddam Sir, and he is extremely happy to wear the police uniform in the show.

“I am ecstatic to be back shooting. I am not extensively prepping for the role because in police ki vardi you instantly feel different standing inside a thana. Body posture and the way you conduct yourself change after donning the look. I am excited as I am trying a new look for the show, all I can say is I will be sporting a clean moustache for the role,” Rahil said, about his role of DSP Anubhav Singh.

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“I am thrilled to be a part of this show. I loved the concept of ‘Maddam Sir’ and the kind of situations and issues they highlight through different cases every week. The entry of this character is interesting as he is set to bring quite a lot of change in the Mahila Police Thana,” he added, while speaking about the Sony SAB show.


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