TV actors dole out health tips

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Health and fitness are integral in today’s fast-paced life. TV actors tell you how to stay healthy and who they feel is the fittest actor in Bollywood.

Adaa Khan
The best way to stay healthy is to eat healthy, exercise and think healthy. For overall health, good thoughts and emotions are very important. If you are happy, then only you can spread happiness. According to me, Priyanka Chopra is the fittest Bollywood actress.

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Arjun Bijlani
The best way to stay healthy is to eat well, exercise well and sleep well. Live a balanced life to stay healthy besides following discipline in your routine. The fittest actor is Ranveer Singh, his energy is amazing.

Ssharad Malhotra
To stay healthy, one should eat right, especially proteins. Discipline in fitness schedules is also important. I look up to Shah Rukh Khan, who is still so active and fit in every sense of the word.

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Arhaan Behll
Akshay Kumar is the fittest actor. He has always so inspirational. He has maintained the healthiest lifestyle for the longest time. He looks good and keeps himself fit with all open-air workouts, which is commendable.

Mohammad Nazim
Eating well and going to the gym regularly is the secret to great health, besides being happy. The fittest actor is Salman Khan. He is active and has a high energy level all the time. 

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