TV actors share their plans for Dhanteras this year

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From gold to new clothes, here’s what the TV frat is buying this Dhanteras.

Shridhar Watsar: This Dhanteras, I would like to buy clothes for myself and my family. It's a nice feeling.

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Sanjay Gagnani: I intend to buy gold and invest in SIPs. I have already bought a house and my dream car, so now it’s time to save and invest and not spend and divest. I don’t know the significance of buying gold on this day but I love each and every festival celebrated in our country.  Dhanteras acts as a reminder to buy something and it’s upon us whether we want to buy and invest or spend and divest. Whatever one does, it reminds us to celebrate, be happy, spread positivity and happiness.

Shivin Narang: This Dhanteras, I will buy gold coins. Goddess Laxmi has already blessed me with enough, so I don’t want to be greedy. Her blessings are more than enough for me!

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Mrunal Jain – Since it is considered auspicious, every year I buy gold jewelry on Dhanteras for my wife Sweety and my mom, Vidya. I make sure to seek the blessings of Ma Lakshmi to keep my family happy and healthy.

Jasmin Bhasin – I'll be buying gold coins on Dhanteras. It is considered very auspicious to buy metal on this day. Also, since I have always seen my parents doing it, I also follow it as our family’s tradition.

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Ankit Bathla: As a kid, I remember my mother used to buy silver vessels and gold coins which we would worship. So since the time I started working, every year I buy a gold coin and I don't know why in some way, I feel proud of myself after buying gold coins. I still buy the coin and we worship that during Diwali for puja.

Pranitaa Pandit: As a tradition, I have been buying coins on Dhanteras which we use during Diwali too. So I guess this year too it will be a gold coin. Also, they say that buying something on this day increases your wealth manifolds, which I am sure we all want!

Dalljiet Kaur: I would love to buy something in Gold because it is something that is known for its auspicious value. So, maybe I will buy a bracelet for my mother because I always wanted to buy her one. I think a simple golden bracelet will look nice and will enhance my mom's beauty. Also, buying gold is known to be a good sign.

Subuhi Joshi:  According to the Hindu calendar, it's my birthday on Dhanteras, so it has always been special for me. But this time, I want to buy something for my mom; probably a gold chain. My mom is everything for me so this Dhanteras I would love to buy her a gift and eventually God will bless me.

Shashank Vyas: Since I have started earning, I have always bought gold and silver coin on Dhanteras until last year. But this year, I plan to buy gold jewelry for myself instead. I want Lakshmi Ji to never leave my house.

Ssharad Malhotra: On Dhanteras, I will buy a gold ring for my wife Ripci because I want goddess Lakshmi to bless me and my family.

Nishant Malkani: I intend to buy gold for my mother like every year. It's an auspicious day where we celebrate. It is believed that new "Dhan" (wealth) or some form of precious metal is a sign of good luck. It is a celebration aimed at increasing wealth and prosperity but I think it's just a special day for me to gift my mother and make her feel special.

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