TV actors tell us how to beat the heat!

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Summers are here and these telly actors tell you how they deal with the scorching heat.

Bhanujeet Singh Sudan
Summers are here. I keep myself hydrated all the time, it’s a usual habit in my life. In summers, I enjoy drinking coconut water and watermelon juice Yes, the food intake becomes less in summer and I also eat less spicy food. I wear light colours in the summers.   

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Ira Sone
Coming from the city close to the desert, (little Rann of Kutch) I manage well in dealing withsummers. I call it the liquid diet season. Chaas, as we call it, is my go-to drink to beat the heatand mangoes is part of every meal. I use Aloe Vera to avoid skin tan or burning and rose water as a toner. Staying hydrated is the key in summers.

Vivian Dsena
I usually drink a lot of water. My masi and my mother prepare buttermilk for me which I bring to shoot with me and usually eat citrus fruits. I also eat a lot of watermelons. And obviously, if youstay in the sun for a longer period then you should not go into the air-conditioned area directly. It's a precautionary measure that I usually take.

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Shubhaavi Choksey
I don't like heat and I never go out in the sun without applying sunscreen. Before my shoot too, I always apply sunscreen, it’s essential for me. I drink 4-5 litres of water and juices to hydrate myself. We should also wear light clothes in summers. Yoghurt is the best option for me in summers. I believe that to beat the heat, I should be cool in my head, otherwise, I can't beat it!  

Jason Shah
Keeping yourself hydrated is a must. I have more fruits and juices. Yes, the summer look is always different. I wear light clothes and put on my shades when I go out. 

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Krishna Bharadwaj
I always keep myself hydrated and this habit helps me in summer. I eat more of liquid food. I avoid remaining under the sun for long hours. Most importantly, I don't forget to wear a cap while going out. This is all that I do in summer to beat the heat. 

Aniruddh Dave
The most important thing that I keep check on summers is that I keep myself hydrated all the time. I also wear light clothes in colour and fabric. I avoid eating heavy meals in summer. Fruits and juices are the main part of my diet in summer. I love summer as I get to wear my sunglasses too.

Ssharad Malhotra
Summers are great. The onset of summers excites me for my summer look . I love mangoes and this is the only time where I can eat so many. I am very careful about my hydration in summers. My diet contains a lot of fruits and juices. I always wear a cap while going out and sunscreen is a must. 

Piyush Sahadev
Yes, summers are here. And I love summers too because the nights get longer and I'm a night lover. This is an amazing season. It’s just that we need to take some measures to beat the heat. Drinking water is very necessary as, during summers, you lose a lot of water in the form of sweat, so it keeps you hydrated. I really like to wear light colours and be very comfortable. Working out and applying sunscreen is a must. I eat lots of fruits and have chia seed with lemon water.

Shashank Vyas
I always keep myself hydrated in summers. I wear light clothes which are light in colour and fabric as I can’t bear the heat of the summer. I always apply sunscreen as I have to be out in the sun for long hours during shoot. Summer is also the season of fruits, so I enjoy it and automatically fruits and juices are added to my diet. 

Delnaaz Irani:
Every time in Summers, I have a lot of water. I also have lime and ginger water and I eat a lot of cucumber or salads or something non-spicy. This keeps my body really cool. I wear cotton clothes like dresses, or trousers and tops. I wear bright colours too. Also, I keep washing my face and use less makeup.

Sahil Anand
It’s is very hot in summers and humid as well. I eat light and have lots of water and fruits. I am mostly in shorts and a T-shirt with a pair of chappals.

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