TV actors share their love for traveling this World Tourism Day

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Aniruddh Dave –  I love Singapore. It has everything one needs for pleasure and happiness. I have almost tried all the local dishes there as I am a foodie. Food and culture both are important for me when I go on holiday. It is very important for actors to take a break from time to time. I love to travel with my wife. For mentally rejuvenating myself, vacations are a must.

Mrunal Jain– My favorite holiday destination in the Maldives. The lovely beaches turn me on mentally. The clear sky gives peace and abundance. Travelling is my passion. I love to mix photography with my traveling. I click pics wherever I go. Traveling perks up my sentiments. I love to travel with my wife Sweetie all the time.

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Shashank Vyas: Investing in travel is the same as investing in yourself. I believe while traveling, one should collect moments, not things. Traveling unwinds me completely. I love to meet real people in life. Kashmir was beautiful, I have no words to explain the beauty of the valley. I just feel that the valley has not been explored by so many people as yet. I think more people should visit Kashmir and explore this heaven on earth.

Arun Mandola: I love traveling but most of the time, I choose hill stations because I love nature, greenery and pure air there. Everything is so fresh. I don't prefer to go alone because I love the company. I don't enjoy going alone anywhere so whenever I go, I go with my friends. I can't save money on travel because these kinds of things happen suddenly. I would love to go to places in Switzerland and Kashmir because I heard it’s heaven on earth.

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Shridhar Water: I like traveling but due to my hectic schedule I can't go out of Mumbai. When I am free, I go to Sanjay Gandhi National Park. I love nature, the sound of birds, river, caves.

Manuj Nagpal: I love traveling and I feel it's so important for everyone to travel. It gives exposure to the different experiences of life. You get to know different places, people, food and their culture. I travel mostly for my work.

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Being a spiritual person and a sportsman, I love adventure and hills. Himachal is my favorite place. I travel with my friends and family both so depending on the company, I decide my destination. I have traveled abroad also to Dubai, Sri Lanka, Australia, Canada, Malaysia but I would love to explore India by road with my besties.

Kranti Prakash Jha: It's very important since the time I was in school I remember that any opportunity to visit any nearby places during those days I would jump on to that idea. After school I shifted to Delhi and thereafter I was traveling for 5 years in Hrishikesh, Uttarakhand and other places.

Traveling makes you meet your true self once you are out of your comfort zone your true nature comes out, you get more aware about yourself. Traveling makes you aware of different cultures, traditions, cuisines, so it excites me a lot. Europe and USA are on my wishlist and also visiting Yamnotri of the Chardham in India.   

Zuber K Khan: Travelling is super important to me. I have been traveling with my mom from my childhood as she is a professor and due to her seminar sessions, she used to go for lectures in towns. I used to accompany her so traveling is in built-in me! From Kashmir to Kerala, I have seen all the cities of India! I think traveling is my relaxing therapy from work and I always love working outdoors for this the reason.

It feels like a picnic working outdoors. I try to go at least twice in a year to get de-stress. I love driving to places,  be it a solo trip or with family or friends. My target is always to work and save so that I can travel. 

Ashish Trivedi: I personally feel that traveling plays an important role in an individual’s life. Being an artist, I know getting into any character takes everything out of you. We build psychological barriers where we don’t go beyond our character boundaries. I feel Travelling is the barrier breaker where I refresh, relax my mind. I find new thoughts and refill my body with positivity for new challenges.

I try to travel after 3-4 months but sometimes work picks up. The destination totally depends on the time I have.  I’m not a solo traveler, I love to travel along with my family and friends, being an actor I hardly get time to spend with my loved ones.

Mreenal Deshraj: Travelling is the most rejuvenating thing for me. Whenever I get an opportunity I travel or try to make some plans it changes my mood instantly. Sometimes you need to get away from your normal routine to breathe some fresh air and enjoy something out the box. Every year I go to the US as my sisters and my parents are there so that is my family time.

It's like my second home or you can say my escape place to hide from the world. I stay there for 4- 5 months every year. There I travel alone to other cities as I have many friends. All my life I have travelled alone and I love it. My time doesn’t match with anybody else's and my reasons are different to travel.

Malhar Pandya: I love traveling and I want to visit all the pilgrim places in India. I think there are places in India which are left unexplored, I want to visit the Jyotilings and Amarnath soon. I travel with whoever has the same ideas of traveling.

I don't wish for luxuries, I love traveling by train and I love mountainous regions and I also love exploring the areas walking. I am trying my best that I cover all the Jyotilings in the next two years. 

Avinash Mishra: It’s really very important as we explore the world, different cultures, different foods, and too many things. I travel once in a year for sure and places which I haven’t been I go there. Well, I prefer to go with friends.

Yes, I do save money for my travel. One place I want to go to is Kashmir. I haven’t been there yet and heard a lot about it that it’s almost a heaven and Kashmir’s natural beauty is the best in this whole world.

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