Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Watch Cadbury’s cricket ad somehow create this magic, again!

As the new IPL season is starting from tomorrow, Cadbury has come up with a contemporary version of their retro cricket ad

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As the new IPL season is starting from tomorrow, a mad clamour would sets in, in the world of advertisement. Innovative and creative concepts would try to entice the customers who are sitting at the fringe and not indulging in impetuous purchases- an after effect of Corona (covid-19)!

So, Cadbury has come up with a contemporary version of their retro ad where a girl was waiting for her boyfriend to hit a six, clinch the match and celbrate the victory. Now it is vice versa, the boy waiting in anticipation for his girlfriend to hit a six, win the match for her team and he would celebrate the occasion!

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It has been more than two and a half decade since Cadbury embarked on a journey of positioning chocolates as essential item of building relationships. To establish the brand in the middle class family as the tool to celebrate occasions and relationships, it drafted Amitabh Bachchan to endorsement the idea. The tagline being – Kuch meetha ho jaye – after all we all desire a Meetha after a food course!

Now the zing in life is injected by redoing the ad with famous slogan – kuch swad hai zindagi mein, positioning the chocolate as a brand which facilitates in empowering the gender relations in the present times, Cadbury seems to somehow create the magic.

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It is an innovative manner in which women’s cricket is also being positioned and the ad campaign is an acknowledgement of the journey that women cricket has traveled in the country till date. This ad is also indirect acknowledgement to the journey have embarked in the arena of sports in all kinds and is a visual tribute to the success that has been achieved so far.

Releasing at a time when the second season of current IPL is going to start, it also is an invocation to the male fraternity to start viewing female cricket seriously and increase the viewership there, as women viewers have done it for IPL. As a category of viewership for IPL women form a significant chunk of the viewership construct, but the same reciprocation is still to be matched up for Women cricket per se.

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A decade and half ago Cadbury had delved into one of the most complex relationships – that between a mother-in-law and a daughter-in-law through the song- Saat Samundar paar – used imaginatively to tell the mother-in-law that a daughter-in-law had traveled seven seas to be part of her life.

With a plethora of saas-bahu serials being bombarded through various platforms, it is time perhaps for the copywriters to re-visit this ad as well! The ad has the potential to address this relationship, which always is at the ultimate limits of its tensile strengths, looking for the triggers to snap. When it is going to snap, what better than a chocolate to prevent it from snapping?

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