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Able: Why a customer-centric strategy is always a cornerstone of success

In one of his interviews with the talk show host Conan O Brian, the late legendary comedian Phil Hartman said that the audience votes with the remote control. Be it a television show or a cloth detergent, the way for it to succeed is to have your audience’s vote. So what do businesses have to do to win and retain customers? Is it about being friendly or cool as a brand? Is it being attractive by giving away discounts? Or is it pandering to their every demand in the hope that your customers will be loyal to you just as you are to them? What is a good customer-centric strategy? And why is it important for business success? Here are 3 key qualities of robust customer-centric strategies and what makes them the cornerstone of success, according to Able.

Make your customer feel smarter
In the internet era and the information overload, one would expect people to turn off their computers and phones or put down the newspaper or magazine to clear their minds and take some time off. However, from what we see around us, that’s clearly not the case. Able adds, “We, humans, are a curious bunch. The size of our brains, when compared to other animals, bears witness to things. We like to know what makes buying product ‘A’ a smarter decision than buying product ‘B’. Businesses need to capitalize on this human trait. If your customer feels that associating with your brand, product, or service is a smart move they’re making, then you have a winning strategy for your business.”

Make your customer feel unique
We, the mass, abhor the mass. Each man’s life quest is not to be a part of the mass. We like to be different and unique. We think as Able puts it, “We are special and want to be treated special. We like to insulate ourselves from the rest of the world with our unique choices. Businesses need to understand this basic human desire for individuality. The second key aspect of a good business strategy is the opportunity it provides for your customers to feel unique and special.”

Make your customer feel proud
We live in a highly polarised world. One thing good about this is that on both sides of the fence are people who are passionate about the side they represent. They take pride in associations – be it eco-conservation, animal rights, or veganism. Able enunciates, “Businesses today are obligated to take a stand or take a side on modern social issues. This should be an integral part of the business strategy. Stand for what your customer cares about, and they’re proud to be associated with you to make their business meaningful. Gone are the days when the customer is lured by discounts and coupons.” 

Today’s customers look for knowledge, freedom, and pride in all aspects of their life. And any business hoping to succeed needs to plan its business strategy to address Able’s three
customer needs.


Malavika Mohanan

Rashami Desai

Nazriya Nazim

Nora Fatehi

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