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Nagpur to Brisbane, DJ Bose’s journey is built on perseverance and consistency

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One cannot deny the fact that DJ’s are the reason why our parties and events are so fun! They have the power to bring life back into a boring event/party. Music can change the whole aura of an event and has the power to lighten up a room with sheer joy and melody. The music industry has evolved over the past few years, and is in the spotlight for all the right reasons. And what’s better than an artist bringing his own original pieces?

Behind every successful person, there is an untold story and an extraordinary struggle. DJ Bose, a young enthusiast, started sailing his boat from the lanes of Nagpur in 2010 and has been in Brisbane, Australia since 2015. He was born and raised in a typical Indian family of engineers, so his journey wasn’t easy. Although it was quite a shock for his family, he was able to convince them with his success that his potential as a DJ existed.

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While his educational background has been from the engineering and business fields, his love story with DJing began in his school days. He stated, “It all started when I first saw a famous celebrity DJ at Centre Point hotel back in 2006. I decided I wanted to be a performer like him. During school days I already had the knowledge of playing a lot of instruments including drums, flute, bagpipes.

Later, I started learning all the DJing techniques and instruments in Nagpur. Once I moved to Australia and started getting gigs, that is when I realised that this is my real calling or this is what I want to do.”

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Throughout his career he has produced Original and Commercial House/Bollywood Remixes. He has also performed at events throughout the globe alongside DJ’s such as Reecelow, Bonka, Joel Fletcher and many more. Crowned Official Music Artist on YoutubeVEVO, Signed In for Eros Now and Times Music (Speed Records).

With a verified Spotify account, he has more than 16 original songs. Has been at the Nexus of House Music production and DJing in Nightlife for over 10 years and counting. DJing comes naturally for him with a passion for creation. So far his tracks have also been featured on CrowdDJ Nightlife, Systems Across Australia and Radio Stations like Radio Mirchi, Radiometro 105.7 (Aus), and Red FM occasionally.

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Speaking of his initial days turmoil he informed, “When I started out, the resources were limited, pay also was very limited and it was almost impossible to live solely on the payout which you got from DJing so that made it very difficult for me to choose this as my career option.”

He further added, “Since we belong to a different musical culture, I had to adapt to their kind of music and a big thanks to my DJ friends from Brisbane who helped me adapt to this new culture.”

In an effort to impart a few words of wisdom to the newcomers, he added, “I would say keep on believing in what you are doing and don’t let anyone else’s perspective affect your journey as everyone is unique and has their own stories. So continue writing your own story.”

In response to a question regarding his recent releases, he said, “I’m working with several artists from Sweden, LA, UK, France and I have a couple of releases planned in the coming months with some big record labels. So yeah, exciting times ahead I would say!”

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