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“Identify the target audience before creating content,” says digital creator Ritanshu Aneja

We have a plethora of influencers and digital creators in this vast online space. With the rise of content creators in the last few years, audiences have got a wide choice with a myriad of content available on social media. But what makes these digital creators unique? Ritanshu Aneja, one of the promising names in the content creation industry decodes the same as he believes in being authentic in the web space.

An ardent food lover and a wanderer, Aneja always wanted to make his career in the hospitality industry. From his teenage years, he loved to travel to different places. Knowing the reach of social media platforms, Ritanshu is amplifying digital tools to reach the maximum target audience. Professionally, he is a restaurateur and is currently working as a managing partner at Mantis Dubai.

Other than this, Ritanshu has his businesses set up in India and the UAE. As the world moves to digital change, Ritanshu emphasizes the need for building a strong digital presence. For the same, he says, “The first and foremost thing is to identify your target audience. When you are aware of your target audience, you will gradually get great engagement. That’s what I do before I create any content.”

Adding to it, the young lad further stated that it is imperative to be genuine and relatable. “When the content is relatable, it will automatically go viral on the internet. I believe in making content which everyone can resonate with. And there is nobody who does not like good food with some wonderful travel journeys”, he revealed.

As of now, Ritanshu Aneja is focusing on his content game. However, he is keen to collaborate with brands and other creators from the food and travel category. Besides Instagram, the supremely talented influencer is working towards expanding his presence across other platforms like Facebook and YouTube.

Earlier Ritanshu had even expressed his desire to get his hands-on creating video content. Taking baby steps towards fulfilling his dreams, Ritanshu Aneja has an exciting year ahead with multiple international journeys. On a parting note, he shared, “We have got only one life, and we should live it to the fullest. I am fortunate to chase my goals and live the life of my dreams. There’s a lot more to achieve.”


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