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Kiran Koduri – The man behind Kisra Digital Marketing Pvt Ltd

Everybody dreams of something great to become but not everybody gets the opportunity to be what they always wanted to become. Kiran Koduri is one of those people who didn’t wait for the opportunity to come instead he created his own. Koduri Kiran Kumar alias Kisrakiran KISRA (KISRA Digital Marketing Pvt Ltd), found by Kiran Kumar Koduri, is a digital marketing and celebrity management & Promoting the Brands, adds platform mainly in the area of Celebrity Management & Influencer marketing. It is the right platform where Celebs & influencers can show their potential by enabling them to grow their following and also their earnings in multitudes with firm belief in honesty, loyalty and accountability, and living by the words Kiran Kumar strives to be the said example and always thinks of ways to improve what people can do, find ways to merge passion to gains.

He has worked with many multinational companies, actors, social workers, youtubers and influencers. For those who don’t know what influencer marketing is, with the advent of social media, many people had risen to fame and followers on their respective handles. But it is never an easy task as they have to be creative, unique and in need for constant updates. We at KISRA, help those people by making them influencers. We help them advertise products on their handles and in turn get paid. It is a win-win solution because the brands look for something local and someone people can relate to. what better way than influencer marketing? The last mile connectivity in marketing is fulfilled by the influencers and KISRA bridges the gap between them. Contrary to the mass advertising, influencer marketing is precise and surgical in nature. It is measurable. Measurable in the sense, the leads generated, conversion rates, the reach of the particular product are all quantified and analysed.

He is a great asset and inspiration for our Indian community as he also represents our county on such a high level and is making a global impact on the whole world. With the ever-increasing competition in many industries, huge expenses on marketing are nay, but it is nevertheless a vital part. Influencer’s bridge this by having targeted audience which leads to better conversion. Digital marketing and influencer marketing has the advantages of being popular, widespread, marketing to which people can connect to, affordability and a chance of increased brand loyalty. With a vast league of influencers with KISRA, the company focuses on converting the leads generated through the clicks from the posts and stories throughout the Instagram. Instagram, as we all know is the largest social media platform succeeding only to its parent company Facebook. KISRA customises advertising packages that reaches the target population with precision and accuracy. KISRA has the unique selling proposition of being able to achieve the brand’s target within a time crunch along with bridging them with the advertising needs that they have. Marketing plays a very important role in the product reach for any company. Ad agencies in the metro cities do the job but to reach the last mile connectivity, KISRA is playing a major role. With a diverse team of management, KISRA again has the unique advantage of being able to process and view a specific gap in the connectivity from various angles thus making them the leaders in this niche.


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