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Meet Kirti Singh; a true example that dreams do come true

The lockdown imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic sequestered people in their houses. While for some this change brought about lethargy, many others, like travel influencer and content writer Kirti Singh used this time to advance their skills and grow as individual.

From an early age, Kirti Singh decided that she would make the most of life. She saw big dreams and worked hard to turn them into reality. She coveted the lives she saw in films. Riding a horse, wearing a princess gown while on a sabbatical in Paris, and seeing the world were all moments she wanted to live. The lockdown allowed her to turn her dreams into reality.

A new adventure awaited her. From being employed as a senior financial analyst to a CMA (inter) student, Kirti Singh took charge of her career and became a travel blogger and a content writer.

She ventured into food blogging out of boredom during the lockdown. Her love for traveling, however, increasingly motivated her to transform her content. Kirti Singh began to shift her focus to travel blogging and collaboration with different hotels in India and outside. The journey, however, was no bed of roses.

Disclosing the presence of her Instagram account to her parents was a challenge. Additionally, her parents were concerned about her safety as a solo traveler. Scorn came her way too. She was told to focus on a routine corporate job or concentrate on starting a family. But Kirti Singh was uncompromising. Her passion fuelled her drive and motivated her to face all criticism. Her values and ideals pushed her to live her dreams. Her conviction in her morals has only become more firm with time. She knows that life is short and hence, she wants to live each day like it’s her last and make the most of every moment.

Kirti Singh has seven dreams she wants to fulfill. Perhaps her most important goal, however, is to spread smiles. She finds real happiness in making others happy. Empathetic and kind, spreading joy is her purpose. Living these seven dreams will be her biggest achievement.

Travel Influencer and Content Writer Kirti Singh’s family is her strength. She recounts the day she finally won her parents’ support. Upon calling up her father to ask permission for a solo trip to Dubai, she was pleasantly surprised to receive an enthusiastic and supportive response. It felt like a burden had been lifted off her shoulders. Her father’s support has given her the courage to face the world. She cares little for public opinions for she knows she has her parents by her side. This support also motivated her to work harder. From having a little over a thousand rupees for a solo trip and cold emailing hotels and companies for sponsorships, her inbox is now flooded with requests from renowned hotels looking for a collaboration.

The lockdown additionally, rekindled her love for writing. Putting her thoughts on paper became a source of solace for her in college because she was an introvert. She rediscovered this passion recently and now writes motivational captions for her friends and is even in the process of authoring a book!

Travel Influencer and Content Writer Kirti Singh’s experience is evidence that hard work never goes to waste. Instead, courage, perseverance, and determination can push anyone to put in consistent efforts and achieve all that their heart desires!


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