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Raman Bakshi talks about her journey to success as a celebrity makeup artist

A little girl from a small town, with minimal resources but big dreams; a lot of hard work and immense success. Sounds familiar? Of course! Such stories are common in movies and novels. However, in real life, such stories of turning dreams into reality are rare to come by. Each of them is unbelievable yet inspirational. Such is the story of celebrity makeup artist Raman Bakshi from Meerut. The girl from a small town is doing big things. She always aspired to be a makeup artist but hadn’t imagined that one day celebrities will line up to get a makeover from her.

We asked Raman about her journey, and she said that she loved makeup ever since she was a child. She just wanted to own palettes and lip colours. However, as she grew up, her interest in makeup also increased. She started by experimenting with looks for school events and family functions and did pretty well. Growing up, fashion magazines were her favorite reads. Soon, friends and family started insisting on her for makeovers.

Later, Raman enrolled in a professional course and her parents supported her dream. She is grateful for all the support she received. She also remembers the time when she met skepticism and negative remarks from relatives and neighbours. Some said the field was saturated, some others called her a parlour girl, and many insisted on studying and getting into a stable job.

Raman says that she was determined to prove them wrong. “I loved makeup, and I wished to do it professionally. Sharmaji’s thoughts didn’t matter to me,” says Raman. Today she is glad that she took that decision. Apart from building her dream career, she also evolved as an inspiration for many young people to follow their dreams.

Raman works globally and also runs training courses from time to time to train makeup enthusiasts in techniques that she has learned over the years. She specializes in bridal and celebrity makeup. Her experimentative nature and the desire to keep learning help her to succeed. She tries to derive some inspiration from whoever she meets. Raman also puts extensive efforts into staying updated with the trends in the beauty and fashion industries.

Apart from getting multiple assignments, Raman often gets invitations to be the guest of honour at fashion shows and events. When we asked her about what she visualizes in her future, she said that she just wishes to be better than herself. Mediocrity is a major turnoff for Raman and she always strives for perfection.

Raman is contributing significantly to the makeup space. We hope she continues to unlock success.


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