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The journey of Bollywood Bliss from scratch

The power of social media is commendable for the way it leverages information and helps readers gain inspiration in a light way. Most millennials rely on social media for their dose of current affairs too and even the older generation is ditching the newspapers. What does this mean for flourishing blogs and businesses? They can leverage the power of social media and penetrate crowds with well-curated information. Several online businesses have mushroomed after the rapid spread of social media. One among these promising businesses is Bollywood Bliss.

The success story started from scratch and now has reached 3 million readers. Youngsters love the scoops from the lives of their favourite celebrities that the website offers. Right from celebrity fashion to what their children are doing and what they are eating, everything can be found on Bollywood Bliss. What makes Bollywood Bliss different in the space is that the news is all well-verified and researched. The absence of rehashed content or inconclusive click baits makes it a preferred site among people across age groups.

The platform has come a long way ever since it came into existence in 2015. From being just a struggling player to being among the successful ones, the growth trajectory has been phenomenal. The brand has a solid presence across social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Tiktok.

This journey is nothing short of inspirational and has something for everyone to derive motivation from. It is a story of the persistence, of a team that chose not to give up. When asked the team about their secret and they said that they went on despite the challenges that helped them achieve success. They also took the insights and analytics very seriously and advise all struggling businesses to do so.

They have also done successful marketing campaigns in collaboration with big names like Amazon Prime, Snickers, Taco Bell, Mahindra, Reliance Entertainment etc. Apart from the common gossip-hungry audience, many celebrities also follow Bollywood Bliss.

They are now working on building a good viewer base for their YouTube channel.


Himanshi Khurana

Kriti Sanon

Harnaaz Kaur Sandhu

Ananya Panday

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